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I have been meaning to write this for a very long time to share with you how I keep identify my next perfume purchases.

I have been since I was a little girl, I real lover of perfumes (and obviously makeup) which honestly has evolved so much over the years. This was and still is a passion my sister and I share. I can’t even remember exactly what year it was that my sister turned around and introduced me to Fragrantica.

Fragrantica describe themselves as, “an online perfume encyclopedia, magazine, and community of perfume lovers” which to be honest is pretty accurate. With almost 500,000 members now it is no surprise that Fragrantica is the only site I use for my perfume collection. In the years I have been with this site, I have not had an challenge with finding a fragrance I wanted to know about.

Example of perfume description from Fragrantica website

Ever wondered why when you spray a perfume you love it yet two hours you hate it or vice versa? Well this is down to the perfume notes additionally how these notes react to your own natural odour (yes you really do have one). Some have more and some have less and generally after two hours(dry down period), you will smell the bottom notes and no longer the top notes.

The great thing about Fragrantica is that it has these notes documented for you so if you wonder whether you’d like a fragrance, you can check it out. Also you can save your personal collection so you can refer back to something you once loved but can’t remember the name of.

Screen shot of Fragrantica

Also the team in charge of it all are so friendly and love to hear improvement suggestions (and actually respond really quickly).

If you are looking for perfumes with specific notes it has a search bar for you to do this which is so handy if you are looking to buy a new perfume.

I will warn you though that this could cause you knowing more about perfumes than shop assistants if you decide to sign up yourself.


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  7. Zoran 📛 (@zoransa) says:

    What a lovely review! <3

    1. I’m so glad you like it. Thanks for all you and the team are doing ❤

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