Skincare products perfect for the fridge this Summer

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If you’re someone who is struggling in the heat and looking for more ways to cool down this Summer, then this post is for you.  Putting skincare products in the fridge has become so much of a thing these days that you can even purchase fridges specifically made for it. Like us, many of these products will be struggling in the heat. The reason why many need to be stored at room temperate and out of direct sunlight is so they don’t spoil. In the Summer heat some products will benefit from storing in the fridge while others, your skin will thank you for putting in there.

Natural Skincare Products

Natural products won’t contain preservatives or anything that makes them last longer. To avoid them spoiling, it’s best to put them in the fridge not just in the hot weather, but all the time. This will also delay the growth of any bacteria.

Beauty Balms

If you have face balms then you may find that they separate on a hot day, so these are better in the fridge. This will also preserve the natural ingredients contained within them.

Sheet Masks

The great thing about sheet masks is that you can do all sorts with them which is probably what makes them a popular part of the skincare regime. Changing the temperature can help amplify the benefits. Cooling down your face can aid in reducing puffiness not to mention the added anti-aging benefits. During a heat wave this can be particularly refreshing.

Eye Masks

Like sheet masks, extra cooling under the eyes comes with a lot of reward. A cool undereye mask can not only help reduce puffiness and the appearance of the early signs of aging such as crows feet. They are also great if you suffer from allergy eyes as the coldness restricts the blood vessels surrounding the eyes which will also alleviate dark circles.  

Face Roller

Whether you have a Jade, amethyst or Rose quartz roller, this should be in the fridge (or even the freezer). As the face stores a lot of tension and the face roller is to stimulate circulation, aids lymphatic drainage and increase elastin and collagen in the skin. The added cooling will help reduce any swelling and close pores. Although Jade is naturally cool and should require as much cooling, this should make a significant difference with your other rollers and feel refreshing after a warm night. If you haven’t considered a face roller as part of your skincare regime then perhaps you should give it a go.

Face Mist

In terms of on-the-go Summer face product, a good and calming face mist has to be up there. This one is more for your benefit and that is to keep your face mist in the fridge. The cooling of a good face mist can be what you need on a hot, humid day.

Eye Cream

Not only do hot nights make it hard to sleep but also it gives us puffy under eyes. Nothing a refrigerated eye cream can’t solve. The cooler temperature will boost vasoconstriction, tightening of the blood vessels, which instantly depuffs.

Pencil products

If you like using pencil products like liners (or HD pro pencil for your browns like me), then try popping it in the fridge for 10mins before use. This will make the point firmer and more precise, so your makeup looks are still on point throughout the Summer.

Vitamin C Skin Products

With so many benefits and so much compatibility with other skincare ingredients, you want to preserve this for as long as possible. However, Vitamin C has an extremely short shelf life because it oxidises. Therefore, it is often received it in containers which are light resistant. Refrigeration will help delay the oxidation process longer than storing it at room temperature.

What skincare products will you be putting in the fridge this Summer?


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