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I love learning about what inspired people to get into blogging and who they watch so I thought I would share with you my favourites. Originally when I started blogging, I was completely unaware of the UK blogging community because I only knew of US bloggers (crazy right?!). I think what I look for is someone that is basically a friend not just someone with a specific post about a specific topic. There is a complete mixed bag below however these definitely are the reason why I am writing today and have been having such a great time blogging.

Christen Dominique

This is the very first ever beauty Youtuber I watched !

One of the Ipsy team Christen shares her life and loves with her audience. Her personality radiates and I think that I will never stop watching her because I have seen her grow in confidence to now where she has nearly two million subscribers. Between her, “grumpy grandma” and family, she will keep you thoroughly entertained.

Instagram:893k followers|Twitter: 289k followers|Snapchat: christensnaps

Kayture – Kristina Bazan

Another individual that I followed from the beginning of her career. Kristina Bazan is now a model, published author and singer! Yet her boyfriend and best friend still form the team for her blog Kayture which is full of HD fashion images in exotic locations (and occasionally food).

Instagram:2.4m followers|Twitter: 37.4k followers|Snapchat: kristina_bazan

Whitneyswonderland – Whitney Valverde

London based blogger Whitney is full of luxury fashion, lifestyle and travel although what initially attracted me to her was her love for luxury food. She has a really cute Costa Rica accent and is a really friendly and nice person. Recently she has updated her website and it is looking so fab I am thinking of updating mine. You should check it out!

Whitney's Wonderland Wildfox patch Selfridges jumper and bell bottoms

Instagram:90.7k followers|Twitter: 1.4k followers|Snapchat: whitswonderland

Heidi Hamoud

Australian based makeup artist who I find really enjoyable and easy to watch. Generally more instructional rather than dramatic editing, which is great for a learner like me. Also I like that she has bite size “how to” videos. In mine opinion she is best viewed between her Youtube and Snapchat (where she also shares the best home cooked meal recipes). She has the cutest personality and is so modest but absolutely amazing at what she does.

Instagram:408.7k followers|Twitter: 4.4k followers|Snapchat: heidihamoud


I want to type something but I feel like words won’t work for Nikkie. She has the biggest personality and shares my love for glitter, highlight, sparkles, unicorns, mermaids, makeup…..She is extremely talented  both on and off camera plus she is highly successful. One of the things I love the most is that shes almost in my time zone as she is Netherlands (the other thing I love is that she was initially inspired by Lauren Conrad’s makeup on The Hills).

Instagram:5.9m followers|Twitter: 1.4k followers|Snapchat: nikkietutorials

Thrifts&Threads – Brittany Xavier

I have learnt that you do also need to learn and develop as a blogger and for that I thank Brittany Xavier for her user friendly blog. Literally anything you want to know about, she’ll have a tip for but if she doesn’t, you can ask her directly and she responds!

Instagram:433k followers|Twitter: 1.2k followers|Snapchat: thriftsnthreads

 Samantha Maria (previously known as Beauty Crush)

I am sure many of you know Samantha Maria and love her for many reasons but for me I enjoy her vlogs and snaps more so than anything else. I think it is because she really does share a lot and lives locally so it is nice to see what is happening. She covers both fashion and beauty plus general chit chats on her youtube channel.

Instagram:566k followers|Twitter: 186k followers|Snapchat: sammi.maria


So my title should read (7 +1 mermaid) because that is exactly what Charlotte Jones is. I have only recently started reading her blog and following her media but I think I will become a regular visitor from now on. Her Instagram has tonnes of colourful and beautiful outfits which you need to check out and somehow she makes being a mermaid look effortless. (confused? go check her out!)

Charlotte Jones


Instagram:7.8k followers|Twitter: 1.8k followers|Snapchat: charlottejonsie

Do you love any of these and are you now interested in checking anyone I’ve mentioned?


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  2. […] as some have even worn it beautifully as a eye shadow like one of my favourite Youtubers Christen Dominique. I went for KillaWatt highlighter duo in the shade Mean Money/Hu$la Baby. The packaging comes […]

  3. […] Who gives you inspiration in the blogging world? My first inspiration was from Kristina Bazan (Kayture) many years ago along with Whitney Valverde (Whitney’s Wonderland). Kristina travels the world with her cowriter childhood bestfriend and her photographer boyfriend. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Whitney and she is just as lovely in person. Then over to Christen Dominique for beauty vlogs she has worked so hard to get where she is and I have watched her from the beginning and it is amazing to see the quality improve over time. Their journeys keeps me inspired. (I have written a post about my fave bloggers HERE) […]

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