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You’ve probably heard about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes impacting businesses. My inbox full of emails from companies providing me with information about it.

Now that I have my head around it I can definitely see why. This post is a Blogger Tips post which will be a new category on Everyone should still find this post helpful and also prepare you for what to do.

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The GDPR is a European Union (EU) privacy law that will affect businesses around the world when it becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018. It regulates how any organization that is subject to the Regulation treats or uses the personal data of people located in the EU . Personal data is any piece of data that, used alone or with other data, could identify a person. If you collect, change, transmit, erase, or otherwise use or store the personal data of EU citizens, you’ll need to comply with the GDPR.


You need to have a legal basis, like consent, to process an EU citizen’s personal data. Under the GDPR, you may use another legal basis for processing personal data, but we anticipate that many MailChimp users will rely on consent. This consent must be specific and verifiable.
Verifiable consent requires a written record of when and how someone agreed to let you process their personal data. Consent must also be unambiguous and involve a clear affirmative action. This means clear language and no pre-checked consent boxes.

Individual Rights

The GDPR also outlines the rights of individuals around their personal data. EU citizens will have the right to ask for details about the way you use their personal data and can ask you to do certain things with that data. You should be prepared to support people’s requests in a timely manner. People have the right to request their personal data be corrected, provided to them, prohibited for certain uses, or removed completely.
You should also be able to tell someone among other things, how their personal data is being used. If they ask, you’re obligated to share the personal data you hold on an individual, or offer a way for them to access it.

What this means

Many of the current sign-up forms will no longer be valid. If you do not do anything then you will not legally be able to contact any of your existing subscribers. There are steps you can undertake in order to ensure that you are ready. You will be able to find these in my next post.

JustNadiene mail list subscribers: This means between now and May 28th you will be asked to provide consent to receive further communications. If you do not respond then you will be automatically removed after this date. To consent now click HERE

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GDPR from a bloggers perspective CLICK HERE

Are you ready for the changes?



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