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After working in all sorts of environments and jobs I have realised that having planners that are fit for purpose is key to success. You could have the nicest looking planner which doesn’t have key inserts you require and that aspect of your day to day life could spend a year in chaos because of it. The actual content of the planner you choose for your year will either bring order or chaos to it so you need to choose wisely.

The one thing I look forward to each year is starting a brand new planner. Previously I would treat planners like most treat new years resolutions, committing to it for the first couple of months then losing interest. Over the years I did get better following various commitments that required me to use one before game changing 2017 where I used two. (One for blogging and one for personal commitments, crazy organised right?!)

Here I will share with you ones I have personally found useful however I will specify what specifically I found it useful for. I’ve learnt that what is key to finding the right planner is the contents vs lifestyle not just how pretty they are on the outside *sob*.

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Last years planner was this one and I LOVED everything about it. The layout was really useful for me as the quick month view was before the weekly view before having a notes section at the end. Although it was so simple in terms of layout it was the most practical for me as my commitments were always changing so it gave me a change to jot them in before updating addresses later. Not to mention it had a range of cute stickers at the front to personalise your content, celebration days from around the world and cute quotes, images and inserts throughout. The large was ideal because my planner generally sits at home beside my laptop however it does come in 3 sizes if you were looking to carry it around with you.  Slight challenge finding the 2018 edition so far which is why I have not said that it is this years planner but you can get it directly or from stockists like John Lewis and Selfridges.

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Not so recently I discovered this Swedish brand Kikki.k which, when it comes to mindfulness, has been my go-to place. I own a number of the brands inspiration journals for which I would recommend checking out here. In terms of the planners, the outside style very much reminds me of Filofax as it is basically a reusable ring binder in various designs and sizes. (Really nice if you don’t want to have to throw it away at the end of the year) Kikki.k boast that each of these leather planners have been hand made so no two are ever the same this also explains the price point. The other thing I love is that you can personalise them with initials on the front which is just my kind of thing. The originally inserts have no set dates on the month view so if you are someone who doesn’t use one on a regular basis then this would be a great one to get you into using it. Generally the standard inserts are notes heavy with additional inserts for meeting notes and to do lists alongside the quick month view. The refill range are definitely Kikki.k’s strength with an endless range of stickers and insert available ensuring there is something for everyone.


Busy B

My sister has been using this for two years and for some reason only just introduced me to it. Although these are smaller than what I normally use they seriously have life covered for a busy person. This is for sure for someone that loves to write information straight away such as contact details, birthdays etc…I am confident that with this one, you will not miss a thing if used to its fullest.

Pro Planner

If you are like me an into affirmations and goals then you may also be interested in this Pro Planner. Alongside the usual, this also includes things such as visual board, social medias and finance trackers and much more. It does come in one size which is about 8 x 10 photo frame size so this is suited more towards people who prefer to keep their diaries at home. That aside I think that this is a really good option to try in order to keep you motivated and on track with your goals throughout the year.


If you are looking for something smaller and more affordable then how about Typo. They have a great range of essential planners for everyday life at great prices I particularly like this deluxe one (above). It comes in a range of designs and it a very functional looking planner for someone that wants to keep organised.

This is probably one of the hardest decisions I have to make at the beginning of my year so I hope you found this post helpful. Currently I have not yet decided and I am still open to suggestions so let me know what planner you will be picking up for 2018.

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