Grether’s Pastilles – Dealing With A Sore Throat

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Getting a sore throat can be really annoying especially now in allergy season. Grether’s Pastilles are a brand of Swiss glycerin-based, pastille candies.

They also come in a selection of four flavors and sugar free flavours: Blackcurrant/Blackcurrant Sugar Free, Redcurrant Sugar Free, Elderflower Sugar Free, and Blueberry Sugar Free.

The 1850 original receipe pastilles date back to when Grether’s Pastilles were still being produced in London all the way back in 1910. But in 1974 they relocated to Switzerland which is where they’re currently produced. I was kindly gifted an addictive Blackcurrant flavour which I am really enjoying. The texture is a little harder to describe it’s like a chewy hard candy.

Glycerin is the active ingriedient, which is known for its moisture binding and softening properties. It also helps to increase saliva production in order to soothe irritated mouth and throats. What this means is Grether’s Pastilles help with soothing sire throats, horseness, vocal strain and dry mouth.

If you are really struggling with any of these at the moment then here are some additional tips which may help.

Sipping Regular Fluids

Drinking fluids on a regular basis hot or cold will help. Some things will help more than others such as herbal teas. Even just some lemon with a spoon of honey would work well on a sore throat.

Gargling Water

Gargling can help a soothe a throat. Try using either some luke warm salt water. You could even combine this with a strong herbal tea such as Sage or Camomile.

Treat Yourself

Treating yourself is always a good idea. What better treat than some Grether’s Pastille’s. Pure natural ingriedients and with the option of sugar free can really make a difference to your mood as well as soothing your throat.

Stay Home

Of course it goes without saying that if you suspect you are actually unwell then the best thing to do is stay home. This way your preserve your energy, protect yourself and others.

If you want to pick up some Grether’s Pastilles for yourself then you can order via website.


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