My Iman cosmetics Summer bronze must-haves


Personally I have always known of and been a fan of Iman (as in the model) and I remember when she launched this brand I thought “one day I will try her range”. Iman Cosmetics are designed for multi-cultural women with skin tones in a myriad of shades. I struggle sometimes in matching my yellow undertone so Iman Cosmetics has always appealed to me.

When selecting shades I used and would definitely recommend reviewing their own colour chart to match your skin tone. After using it I immediately knew I would be in the “Clay” range.

Luxury Concealing Foundation (Clay 1/2)
I have now been wearing this everyday for almost one week and it is so breathable for my skin. This one I’ve been wearing without primer as durin really hot weather primer clogs my pores and makes my skin look oily. You will notice that I have 2 shades both Clay 1 & 2 and I think Clay 2 is my summer shade whereas Clay 1 is my winter. I could use either now however I prefer a more tanned look in the summer so I prefer a shade down.



NOTE: I will do a separate post around which foundations match me across the brands that I have used if you wanted to colour match as I know how hard it can be especially when you are shopping online.

Luxury Translucent Powder

What I love the most about this is that it comes in 5 shades as sometimes translucent can make me look grey if they don’t. This one is in the shade “Clay medium” and it is perfect. Especially when I use it to buff my skin after I have completed my look it makes this perfect skin finish. The beautiful gold packaging and this unique powder pattern really does, to me say ‘luxury’.

Bronzer – Afterglow

Very much my favourite as it is so versatile this bronzer is perfect for many different cheek looks. At the moment I like using all three the plum shade to contour with the bronze just above and the pink on the apples of my cheeks. They all have a shimmer but despite this I have found that they don’t highlight my skin texture. Individual these will also look amazing on but if you fancy just the bronzer shade then this is also available in the same style and size.



Luxury Moisturising Lipstick

In the summer heat a moisturising lipstick is vital in order to make it through the day and this one lives up to its name. I love the shade “Iman nude” which I would describe more of a peach than a pink nude and the perfect one for deeper skin tones (in my opinion). Can be worn perfectly on its own as it isn’t matte it does have a nice sheen to it and lasts throughout the day.  If nude isn’t your thing then the range has a total of 20 shades to pick from.


Lip Shimmer

If you do like to have a bit more shimmer to your lips then I top my lipstick with this one which is the shade “blushing nude”. Golds look amazing on my skin tone so I just can not get enough of  it even on its own it just looks amazing as it is highly pigmented. There are 13 shades in total and down to a nice deep shade called “chocolate diamond”.

It just feels amazing when you think these things and the memories return when it finally happens I feel so honoured that the brand have supported me in trying these products from the collection and making a dream come true. Want to check out the full range for yourself? Then head over to Iman Cosmetics website.

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  1. […] I knew I would find my shade however since I was looking online only when picking I did need to use the chart and even then I almost got too deep a shade. The Clay shade range is great for us golden tone and if you want to match to me then I am in Clay 2. Again they are consistent across their range and you can check out my previous post on them here. […]

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