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Loreal infallible shaping foundation stick


Recently I had the pleasure of attending the L’Oreal Infallible stick foundation launch in London. In terms of stick foundations, this was surprisingly a first for L’oreal. Each stick contains 9g of shaping stick foundation for £8.99 and has a selection of 12 shades. These are  to be used all over the face to highlight, contour and base. Made to deliver a perfectly even shine-free coverage which lasts up to 24 hours.


This all sounds great right? So I have spent a week putting this to the test through my manic week and I thought it is now a great time to deliver my thoughts.

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Firstly I will share with you the range comes with the Infallible primer shots, Shaping Stick Foundation, Blush and Strobe Sticks.

Infallible Primer Shots

These come in 5 different skin-correcting primers covering and said to work best with the infallible Shaping Sticks. They are very watery in terms of consistency and because there is a selection of 5 to pick from, people like me can have two for different areas of the skin.

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Infallible Strobing and Blush Stick

Although I don’t often use blush, I really enjoyed the blush and found people complemented it on me (which never happens). I love highlighters irrespective and frozen has this unicorn look to it which would look lovely on fairer skins or if you love standing out.

Infallible Stick Foundation

This range of 12 shades surprisingly included a perfect base match for me “210 Cappuccino”. From what I can tell, these are to be used for highlight and contouring. This would give you the speed of using a stick foundation without having to leave the house without any facial definition.  When directly applied to the face, this is a medium coverage foundation which is buildable. Using a brush to apply it to the skin rather than direct application seems to provide fuller coverage. I found the coverage better although it still maintained a smooth finish. Also I found the durability was better, despite a very oily t-zone. The product provides a very smooth, airbrushed finish so I checked out the ingredient list. A smoothing silicone “dimethicone” is the first ingredient on the foundation and explains this. (Product ingredients are listed in descending weight order )


Foundation sticks are a no go for me as they literally slide off before the end of the day. After testing it with and without their primer I’ve found it performs pretty similar. In terms of cost you ideally buy a pair of these and also the highlight & blush. (something to bare in mid) I found a noticeable difference in coverage when I applied it using a brush compared to direct application. The coverage, finish and durability appeared better when applied with a brush to the skin rather than directly. Despite this being on the higher end in terms of drug store price point, it met my expectations. If you’re on a time budget a then stick foundations are a great alternative to a liquid.

Will you be giving this Infallible stick foundation a go?


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