NIP+FAB Glow Fix Go First Impressions


I am really pleased to be able to share with you this range thanks to NIP+FAB who gave me a selection following their launch event.

NIP+FAB are easily accessible with their main stockist for me, Superdrug.


Palettes (eyeshadow £12.95/ strobe £15)

There are two eye shadow palettes and a cool toned strobing palette. I picked up ‘Jewlled’ which was a colourful palette with popular shades of greens, blues and neutrals. The other eyeshadow palette ‘Gentle Glam’ is definitely for your nudes and neutral lover.


Fix Stix Glow £10.95

The stix are in three shades from a kinda starlight shade to a deep golden champagne tone. The lightest I found needed breaking in more however all came out really wet looking once applied. These were for sure my favourite as I also felt that they were the most versatile. The product amount I also felt was reasonable and the size of the stix means it could be used all over the body.


Fix Stix Blush £10.95

The three shades these come in are really cute whilst the names of them are even cuter. Already I’ve witnessed people using them on their lips and cheeks which has given me endless ideas.


Fix Stix Sculpt £10.95

These are available in 3 shades medium, taupe and golden tan. These will be great to add definition on fairer skin tones or as highlighters on medium. It would be great to see some additions to this for sculpting for deeper shades.


Setting Mist £9.95

There are two of these available, illuminating and mattifying depending on your needs. Personally mattifying is my go to however the illuminating is temping as it has flecks of glitter in it.




The range is pretty and if you love NIP+FAB products then I’m sure you’ll love these. Obviously one thing that is missing which I am always interesting in trying was the face masks. I have seen that there are two available like the mists, one illuminating and one mattifying. The price is on the higher end of drugstore so I’d expect more in terms of quality and longevity. Can’t wait to create a look with them however I did swatch them in the below video:

Will you be giving the range a go?


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