Elan Cafe – The one thing you may not realise


Recently I have been neglecting the places to eat section of my blog so I thought I would share this one with you about the hugely popular Elan Cafe.


Recently anyone and everyone has been posting these wonderful shots of this beautiful location and huge flower wall back drop. Not to mention the stunningly delicious cakes accompanied by tea and coffee.


Since I had a spare moment in my diary whilst in London, I decided to check it out for myself in Mayfair, which was en-route to my home. It was exactly as I saw on the outside, a perfectly cute pink sign on the outside and a huge crown of people waiting to get in. When I went through there was an absolutely stunning display of shiny cakes. Smaller than I thought on the inside I scanned for the flower wall which I saw on the stairway so I went down stairs. The downstairs flower wall was not quite what I had seen. It was missing the Elan Cafe sign and it could only fit one table. The lighting also looked different and although I knew edits work wonders, I was convinced that it looked entirely different to what I had seen online.


After an enjoyable cake and coffee, I left slightly confused and decided to do some investigations. I reviewed the page of the cafe for some time trying desperately to find an exterior photo. I finally came across one which showed exactly what I saw, a beautiful pink haven. I continued through their feed until I saw marble grey interior, something which was not what I saw. When I reviewed their website I found out the secret…..there are two Elan Cafes!

One Park Lane the other Brompton Road so I decided to head over there and see what it was like. This one was certainly much more spacious and grand on the inside and indeed there was the wonderful flower wall I was looking for. Half term was probably not the best time to visit by choice as there was a massive queue just to be seated. Although  extremely I had a great experience once seated and was able to enjoy the interior all the more.

If you are in either of these areas then I would certainly recommend stopping by and having a cake as it is a real treat.

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  1. Can we please visit the Brompton one and take cute instagrams? ☺️

    1. Obviously lol

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