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Taking care of your health is always an important thing and as I get older I have found that I am becoming more concious about taking care of my body. I was lucky enough to have been invited to the Healthista Lean Energy Programme event to find out more about their products.


Healthista is Britains fastest growing women’s health website so I felt confident that I was in great hands when it came their first this range. The main focus of this was around low energy levels which was reported as the main challenge with weight loss plans.


More than just a powder Healthista made a programme for users to gain sustainable results. The programme firstly includes Lean Vegan Diet Protein/Lean Whey Diet Protein. These get their “magic” from konjac root and inulin to help you feel fuller for longer. Then you there is the Wellbeing booster powders which is a selection of Night food, Glow food and Body food. Then the newly Fit HIT app created by personal trainer Kelly Du Buisson (who I had the pleasure of meeting and watched her demonstrated a few moves).


Personally I use workout apps often as I love the flexibility of being able to access a class at any time anywhere. Finally the free ebook which is to aid readers on their lean energy and contains over 11 proven steps to easy and lasting weight loss, wholesome, filling breakfast smoothie, lunch, dinner and snack recipes.


Personally I will be replacing my sweet snacking habit (because sugar is the devil) with a smootie in addition to eating meals each day as another benefit of these is weight maintenance. Not only will they hopefully prevent me from losing weight but also ensure that after workouts I am encouraging muscle synthesis.

_DSC1635-01The team also kindly provided with a range along with a bottle to mix up my smoothies in so to start off with I am going to try out the Whey powder.

If you were looking to try the range for yourself then at the moment on their website there is a 10% off your first order if you use “LEAN10” at the checkout

Thank you to Sig, Anna, Rick, Kelly and the Healthista team for inviting me, I had a wonderful time.


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