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Anyone I speak to says “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Well to those people I say, I’m sorry but I really struggle with it. My belly will do Brunch, Lunch, Dunch (late lunch occasionally) and then dinner. I have no idea why but my stomach just doesn’t like to be awake until about noon.

So often I have tried to find something that is quick, small, and easy to eat so I could say I had a breakfast each day. When I was topping up on my coffee supply the other day, I spotted these Toasties by Kingsmill which were in my local Asda store for £1. There was selection of three flavours Mixed berry, Cinnamon & Raisin and Honey Oat & Red Berry.

I love berries so I went straight for mixed berry flavoured. I was unsure what I expected as they looked a bit like thin panini bread with berries. As they were inexpensive I gave them a go.


The instructions are rather vague it just said to lightly toast and enjoy hot without the need to slice. There was a diagonal slice across the middle so I guessed you could easily tear it once toasted.

Initially I placed it in the toaster on setting 2, which for my toaster just warms. The berries were very hot by the end of this and so I had to be careful not to burn my finger tips when tearing. The taste was very berrylicious which I enjoyed and the rest was like a sort of dough texture which I didn’t enjoy as much. So I decided to toast another piece on setting 3 and top with some butter.


This time I found I much preferred it! The sweetness of the berries and the toasted crust with centre doughiness made it feel somewhere between a dessert treat and a very healthy breakfast, which made me very happy.

As it is getting colder in London I reckon the Cinnamon and Raisin flavour may taste good with some warm apples next.

What are your quick breakfast solutions?

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