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I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure of visiting Floral Street in Covent Garden. This was as it really kickstarted the festive period with wreath making. Alongside this I also got to enjoy their amazing scent school experience first hand.

Floral Street

Armed with a mission to bring fine fragrance to the modern female, Michelle Feeney became the founder of Floral Street. The store in Covent Garden quickly became popular and now the brand is growing a fast pace. Alongside perfume, Floral Street offer a bath & body range and home fragrances. The home fragrances are reed diffusers and candles, which I used in my wreath.



davScent school

Whether you are new or not you will truly enjoy the scent school experience. This is where you learn about each of the individual fragrances in depth. In addition to this, you learn about the amazing way which these are made. The scent school also allows you to experience each individual note of the fragrances. This experience allows you to truly grow a love for your chosen scent not just an average appreciation.



davMy Choice

Ylang Ylang espresso was my personal choice and now added to me Fragrantica collection. Rather than keep you wondering, yes it honestly smells of coffee. In addition to this the fragrance has a tiramisu accord. The special thing about the accord is that currently there is no fragrance in the world using it other than in this perfume. So I feel super special wearing it as the combination of the notes in this are so unique.


Decisions, decisions

There were a total of 8 fragrances to decide between. Although Ylang Ylang reflected my mood and preference at the time, this doesn’t mean it won’t change. There were a couple which also stood out to me. Neon Rose especially however this felt to me more like a day scent as I like something a little more spicy in the evenings. Before you make an assumption about it, Neon Rose actually has no rose scent so be sure to give it a smell. At the moment the fragrances have these beautiful bauble packaging when purchased in the smaller sizes. These could even make fantastic stocking fillers.




After an amazing time wreath making in the morning at Floral Street, they allowed me to even take it home. This certainly kick started the festive period in my work space not to mention the candle is divine. Head over to the website to find out the next scent school date and time. This is a great way to identify your favourite scents and also learn more about the brand. The candle I went with smells like an open fire and mixed with the pine leaves, my room’s smelling great. There are a total of 6 candles though so something for everyone.

Will you be visiting Floral Street?


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