Things I wish I’d Got But You Still Could Get

So now that Christmas is over and sales are on, thought I would share some things I still want. It’s always the same with me because there is always something right?! Firstly I’ll start off by saying that this won’t include anything from my wishlist because we know I already want them (not because I got any of those). I’m not bitter I promise, lets jump into it.Laura Mercier Glow Powder Image from

Laura Mercier Glow Powder

When I was last at the London beauty show I saw this and regret not getting it. I forget how lovely it is to have glow powder in the Winter. When skin is at it’s driest, it always helps to add a glow to it. The translucent is a great all rounder where as the medium deep adds warmth and bronze to all skin types or a great alternative to translucent on deeper skin tones. Right now you can also get it with the powder puff in a limited edition set for £25 saving you £11.

dominique cosmetics lemonade lip gloss

Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Lip Glosses

I was a little late to the Lemonade Palette party still waiting for my Berries and Cream. So I was super disappointed when I couldn’t stretch to afford any of the glosses. Luckily they are currently down from £13 to £9.09. There is a selection of 4, or 3 if you’re me because I purchased one whilst writing this.

elf modern metals collection
Image: website

Elf Modern Metals 4 piece Collection

This set is actually new to the UK Elf website and I’m happy we finally have it. It looked so pretty when I saw it across Instagram. The entire collection is £32 which saves £4 compared to buying them individually. Alternatively the palettes are £12 each whilst the lip products are £6 if there was only selected ones you want. Personally I’m finding it hard to decide.

These are just a few things that I’ve been wanting for a while. Luckily somes of the items are currently discounted. Although I’m not really excited by the beauty sales this year. They appear to be few and far between especially when it comes to eyeshadow palettes. Also I feel like I’m required to do a lot more shopping around online. If anything changes then of course I’ll be updating you in a separate post. Let me know if you’ve spotted any in the comments below.


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