My 2 favourite winter hats

Hello everyone,

I am just getting ready head out and wanted to share with you my two favourite winter hats.

I wouldn’t say I’m a hat person because I tend to avoid ruining my hair. So like many people that know me, I was shocked to find that I am absolutely in love with these particular 2.

I don’t know very much about Miss Pom Pom* apart from the fact that I love this particular hat creation. The design pretty much reminds me of something Zoella would wear (or has worn) or probably owns. I totally think winter is Zoella season especially with Vlogmas and I like to watch her all the way through December. The little pom pom on the top makes it really cute and I love the fact that it is in grey so I will definitely be checking the rest of their stuff out. It is quite long so it covers the top of my ears which tend to get cold and means it’ll also be good for different head sizes.

If you add something I love to something like a hat then I will be interested. About a month ago whilst window shopping I saw this and yesterday I went back and purchased it.I’m not really too into the over-the-top ears on hats, or anything like that but this one is a subtle mixture of the two and I will wear it pretty much whenever I can. I’m that girl that always spills things when I wear white but you can pick this up in black and white at River Island. My mum could not believe it was 100% Nylon because it is just so soft. The fit is quite snug in comparison to Miss Pom Pom hat so you may want to try before you buy.

Today is Caturday so I know what I am wearing. Which do you prefer?

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  1. I like the cat one 🙂

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