Here’s My Christmas Makeup Wishlist 2018

This is my personal makeup wishlist of things which I have over they year noticed and wanted so some may be a little out there. At worst you learn a bit about me at best you get a gift idea so just keep on reading.

First up I am going to talk about my palette related wish list. I know plenty of you that follow me will be keen to know about the makeup. Honestly it is a privilege to be in the position I currently am where I wish for very little. The cosmetic world really seems to be trying to make things accessible to more and whether you love drugstore or high end there’s something for everyone. At the moment I have been finding myself gravitate more to the higher end range brands so here are a couple of palettes I would love to get my hands on.

Huda Beauty The New Nude Palette

Huda Beauty – The New Nude Palette £56

Top of my makeup wishlist has to be Huda Beauty. This year I have found a growing love for Huda. It started whilst in Selfridges picking up a new foundation I decided to give Huda a go. It felt like one of those rare foundation matches in both shade and formula with my skin. Then a friend kindly sent me the baking powder to try and from there my love has grown. Previously I owned a miniature palette which I can not fault in any way either.  For me peoples opinions do influence my purchases and Huda was one that had mixed reviews from those I trusted. Huda is a brand I honestly trust when I purchase a product in terms of quality. The product range is a case of you “pay for what you get”. Generally the palettes sit just above my price range and so I have to save. It would still be so nice to get my hands on one so it needs to be a great all rounder. So I think that The New Nude Palette is a perfect one to start off with. The shades are amazing and I am sure it has a formula to match.

Dominique cosmetics berries and cream palette

Dominique Cosmetics – Berries & Cream Palette

My Latte palette is almost finished and I don’t regret purchasing it. The shimmers remind me more so of a foil shadow and look stunning on. Not to mention my love for all things Christen Dominique who is the brand owner of Dominique Cosmetics. Since I also have the Lemonade palette it would be a shame if I did not also get the Berries & Cream palette which is the latest release. The colours are very much in theme with the name and there’s again a nice mix of shimmers and mattes. The thing I love about Dominique Cosmetic palettes so far is that they can honestly be used by all experience levels. This also means that if you wanted to create a more subtle look with the palette then this would be easily achieved. Plus the latest palette has new shape pans so it has to make my makeup wishlist!

nars wanted palette

NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette – £55

At the moment I am definitely in more of a explorative mood when it comes to brands. This year I have grown to love NARS a lot which is why it’s making my makeup wishlist this year. It goes without saying that when I find a foundation match, with undertone match, then a brand gets my attention. NARS is one of these brands for me and so I have slowly gained more of their products but again never tried a palette/eyeshadows. I have heard a lot about a few as well as their Climax mascara not to mention their kabuki brush look amazing.


That’s pretty much all I want with regards to makeup palettes. It has felt a little quiet with releases that really make me excited recently. Think this is probably why my choices are relatively old releases. Be sure to let me know in the comments what palettes you are hoping to receive this year.

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