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This season tends to mean endless do’s and events. It’s impossible this season to avoid getting ready last minute. The most common sign of this is a poor mani. Or even worse chipped polish! This post is to help you not only coordinate your nails with every outfit but in only five minutes. No need to have to queue or book salon appointments with Kiss Nails.

Kiss Nails

If you follow me on socials then you know I am a frequent wearer of Kiss Nails. So much so that I was actually spotted on the Mummy Diaries at one of their events. They also have a vast selection that’ll keep you sparkling over New Year celebrations. The great thing about them is that you can put them on in the comfort of your own home in 5 minutes. This time of year I remember I use to desperately head to my nail salon hoping they could fit me in. They were always so busy that they wouldn’t take appointments to ensure that lateness wouldn’t slow down service. Kiss have a selection of sparkles that will suit anyone and complement any outfit. So here’s a couple of my personal faves.

kiss nails for nye
kiss and impress nails
Kiss Nails and Impress Nails

If you want something that is a little easier to change within a week then how about Impress Nails. These are perfect if you are looking to have your nails done for a night out but need to remove them for the next day. The pre-glued nails mean you don’t even spend much time putting them on simply match the correct nail and press.

Kiss have such a selection readily available in Superdrug and online. I’m sure you will easily find something for your special night out. Personally i’ve found that with glue the gel style have been my favourite. These not only look really nice on with a managable length but also last over a week. Hopefully this post has made it easier for your nails not to let you down this NYE.


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