Kela Hair Jewellery

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the UK launch of Australian brand, Kela Hair. They provide a range of hair jewellery which is enough to get anyone exctied. I had the pleasure of checking out the brands “Golden Hour” collection which I’m sure everyone will love.

Kela Hair

First let me tell you a little more about Kela Hair which launched it Premiere collection in 2017. The brand was co-founded by Austrailian cancer research scientist, Kelly Litterick. Not only is she a scientist but also a mother of 3 and inventor of the unique Kela non-slip mechanism. Her main reason was due to the frustration with ways to hold braids and other styles in a beautiful and creative way.

So after experimenting with regular jewellery she worked on the non-slip mechanism for 3 years before finally bringing us Kela. The pieces add style and glamour to any hair style and hair type.


Firstly this is my personal fave of the collections because it is so unique. If you are a zodiac lover then your are also going to love it. The collection has a charm for every zodiac sign. But the star constalation rather than the physical signs. This even makes the straigth lines of the cancerian constalation look pretty.

Simply Charming

Exactly as it says these are simply charming for the hair and can literally go anywhere. These can dress up and hair type and style plus there is a selction of gold, silver and pearls to pick from.


You would have seen one of these modelled by yours truely on my instagram. Really bold statement pieces which can dress up the simplest of styles like my bun. Each purchase is two sets of hair clips in a range of styles.

If you have not had the chance to check them out yet then be sure to head over to their website. You can the ones I mentioned plus many more amazing collections from Kela. Since I have only recently been playing with my hair I know these are going to regularly feature on my feed.

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