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I am seeing signs of Spring approaching and you know what that means, skirts and legs! Beautifully silky smooth just shaved legs. I adore that silky smooth just shaved feeling if someone sold that, I would be a happy girly. I have instead spent a number of years growing frustrated with endlessly having to use a combination of removal creams and shavers to get that smooth sensation. Luckily over Christmas I was given hope that there may finally be a saviour. Meet the no!no!

Not only was I told that the no!no! will help with my hair removal frustrations but also that it works on every skin and hair type.

Personally I have quite fine dark brown hair and my skin is quite thin. For me waxing causes irritation and can even burn my skin (I have tried several salons to identify this issue). I have to use sensitive removal creams as these can also burn my skin however shaving is fine providing it is done with foam and the area is moisturised afterwards. Due to my skin shade I was advised that I am unable to use laser treatment to avoid scarring and skin irritation.

So I grew evermore curious about the secret behind the promises made by no!no! and I found that it was basically due to the heat technology. More specifically, Pulsing Thermicon™ Technology.


“Instead of one steady wave of heat, the pulse fluctuates, allowing skin to cool as the treatment level increases. Unwanted hair is gone faster and more effectively, and long-lasting results are even better with continued use over time.” 

I was super excited when I was lucky enough to receive a no!no! in a super cute shade of Pink. This has been my first week of use and I have decided to use it three times week which is recommended. The recommendation is that you use it on hair which is about 1mm in length and not any longer to ensure that it is effective. The best way to ensure you find your correct strength is to follow the instructions and begin with the lowest strength first (I have found the strongest was too high for me personally). The main thing is to ensure you are correctly holding it and ensure that the blue light is constant as you use it. I have found if it flicks on and off then you are doing it wrong and you need to make a smoother movement. When you do use it for the first time you will find that as it works it gives a burnt smell but it’s not strong, similar to the odour when straightening hair.

So if you like what you have heard so far then you can purchase your own no!no! directly from their website and the benefit is that it provides you with a 60 day trial period. There is also a handy how to page for everyone which includes FAQ’s.

On the website it provides you with all the details you need including the contents of the pack you receive which includes: 1 no!no!, 1 narrow Thermicon® Tip, 1 wide Thermicon® Tip, 1 Buffer, 1 Cleaning Brush, Charger, Quick Guide, User Manual DVD.

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I will continue to use it and provide an update in a couple of months to allow it with some time to work.

If you are a current user of this or if you do decide to give it a go then please let me know your results, I’d love to know.


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