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If you’ve been watching my Insta story then you know that the new rose gold strobe palette by Makeup Revolution arrived in the mail this week.

There are actually two palettes in this range, the highlighting and the strobe palette. If you are unsure what the difference is then you usually strobe without contouring whereas you would normally highlight and contour together (make sense?).

Strobe lighting palette makeup revolution

Strobing uses light reflective products to brighten up your skin to create a dewy, glowing look. The method usually involves a good base of moisturiser under your makeup (which is always a good idea) and you would top with a dewy setting spray.

Recently my love for all things highlighting and strobing has reached an all time high so I wanted to try out a palette for myself.

For £8 you get a cute rose gold cased set, which is definitely an added bonus to the look of this palette. Inside a nice sized mirror I don’t need to struggle to look into and 3 very shiny shades to strobe with (the shades don’t have names though).

The first shade I imagine will look great on more porcelain tones however I feel on me it appears too pearly to use alone. The other two shades I feel I could use individually or together because they are warmer with added yellow pigments to them.

I have found that the key to using a strobe palette is highlighting the correct places so as tempting as it is, you do not want to cover your entire face only where the light would naturally hit your face. My main go to places are my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose, cupids bow. If I want to make my cheeks look fuller then I dab some on  the apple of my cheeks. If you are someone that wants to make your forehead thinner then place a little on the center above your nose. You can also place a bit on your chin.

If  I really want to exaggerate my highlight then I would do this before and after foundation.

Why not give it a go yourself and tag me in on you pictures.

If you want to get this palette then you can get it from your local stockist, Superdrug, those of you based in the USA Ulta do not have it yet however I am sure it will be with you soon.

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