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I am lucky enough to have just recieved today the metallic lip kits and I wanted to share these with you.

For £6 you get a liquid lipstick and a liner this time in snazzy rose gold packaging.

Left to right: worth it, sovereign, we rule

I knew immediately I was going to get all three shades however “worth it” caught my attention initially.

Swatches retroluxe metallic lip kit

These are metallic liquid lippies which means they aren’t as hard wearing as the matte shades however they are really wearable. Also I found that the liners are more long lasting than I expected.

Be sure to check out my instagram to see me wearing them over the weekend.

I will add that there are now gloss shades however I currently do not have these.

Will you be getting any of the latest shades?


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One thought on “Retro Luxe metallic lip kits – Makeup Revolution”

  1. Those look gorgeous! I love the idea of a metallic looking lip liner! You just don’t see that a whole lot! Loving the metallic lip products coming out and I hope it becomes a trend. Matte is great and all but metallics are so cool! Great post 🙂


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