Skinsense Ceramide24 Range

skinsense ceramide24 range

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the new SkinSense 7-piece slow-release Ceramide24 complex range. The long-wear skincare line delivers a stable, high concentration of active ingredients locked in with innovative Lamellar structures. 

The Ceramide24 formulation repairs, rebuilds, protects and strengthens the skin barrier. 

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are oils, also known as lipids, that hold skin cells together, preventing moisture loss and visible damage. Our ceramide levels deplete with age and environmental damage, leaving our skin barrier vulnerable. The common signs of damage to your natural barrier may include redness, dryness, irritation, and inflammation.

Ceramide24 complex range

The core formula in all products contains;

Ceramide NP – shown to increase hydration levels significantly (In-vivo testing) for up to 6 days after application, with a blend of essential fatty acids to control inflammation and irritation and to calm compromised skin. • Riboxyl™ – natural D-Ribose, a sugar in all living cells and a key component in ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the principal molecule for storing and transferring energy in cells. Cells must retain a maximum level of ATP to function efficiently. Over time our ATP levels decline, leading to the acceleration of the ageing process. Riboxyl restores ATP reserves and replenishes cell energy and oxygen levels, stimulating collagen and elastin production. 

Vitamin F Forte – derived from Safflower Oil, particularly rich in Omega 6 essential fatty acids combined with Linoleic Acids to restore and maintain a healthy skin barrier function, reducing TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). By creating the building blocks of ceramides and prostaglandins, these actives control inflammation and irritation and aid repair, restoring bounce and antioxidant protection. 

Niacinamide – shown to significantly increase the levels of ceramides and essential fatty acids whilst reducing oxidative stress. Also known as Vitamin B3, this potent active is a true multitasker that will improve skin texture, protect DNA from environmental stresses, repair damage and increase key proteins in the skin’s natural barrier. 

The full Ceramide 24 range includes:

 • Pro-Resilience Day Cream 50ml 

• Recovery Support Night Cream 50ml 

• Ceramide Complex Serum 30ml 

• Comforting Eye Cream 15ml 

• Sculpting Neck & Décolleté Cream 100ml 

• AHA Treatment Mask 100ml 

• Delicate Cleansing Cream 100ml 

Top Picks

Ceramide Complex Serum (£36.00 I 30ml)

The most potent formulation in the range contains the highest Ceramide NP concentration. This exceptional fine serum acts as an invisible shield to supercharge your skincare. Encapsulated with slow-release lamellar technology to rebuild and support the most compromised skin barrier at a deeper level. 

Comforting Eye Cream (£32.00 I 15ml) 

It contains Shadownyl™ complex with Fuscus Vesculosus, algae renowned for rejuvenating the eye contour area with a visible improvement in firmness and reduction in the appearance of dark circles. This marine extract is selected for its exceptional levels of minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to help defend from airborne pollutants. 

AHA Treatment Mask (£42.00 I 100ml)

It is formulated with 5% Lactic Acid and nourishing fatty acids. This luxury mask accelerates cell turnover, removing dry, dead and damaged skin cells whilst comforting and rebalancing. 

“Having spent over two decades seeing first-hand what the sun does to the skin, I noticed the skin’s ceramide reserves were the first to fall victim to external aggressors. Ceramides are the lipids that hold skin cells together, forming the skin barrier. Protecting the skin with UV filters is the first line of defence, but I noticed the more the ceramide layer is attacked, the more exponential the risk of common skin issues become, including accelerated signs of ageing. I began developing Ceramide24 early in SkinSense’s journey as a response to this. Formulating a delivery system which would effectively address the issue of a compromised skin barrier, replenishing ceramides. This range delivers a highly compatible ceramide lipid complex, combined with carefully selected actives; encapsulated in skin-compatible gel structures, which penetrate beneath the skin’s surface. The slow release of these ingredients ensures superior results throughout the day and night.” 

Abi Cleeve – Creator

The SkinSense Ceramide24 range launched on 17th February at SkinSense by Abi Cleeve SkinSense was born out of a vision to bring together the newest, ground-breaking technology with the highest-grade concentration of unique active ingredients. Harnessing ground-breaking lamellar technology to lock critical ingredients into your skin, so they work harder for longer. Offering three collections for an easy ‘mix and match personally, tailored, and targeted skincare routine: 

• SkinSense Signature collection: Targeted high-potency ingredients address the most common skin concerns from pigmentation, loss of firmness and fine lines. 

• SkinSense Hydranet collection: Delivering long-lasting moisture and comfort to thirsty skin with slow release, active hydration 

• SkinSense Ceramide24 collection: Restoring and repairing the lipid barrier with slow-release ceramides. 

I have been lucky to have received a whole range sample, which I have used since just before its launch. Look out for a follow-up post sharing my thoughts soon.

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