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Does not need much to get me to try out a Lush product so after hearing about this new Sleep aid I took myself into store to pick up some of their Sleepy cream to try for myself.

With a mixture of sweet Tonka and lavender this naturally relaxing lotion is meant to aid your relaxation before bed. Lavender is always a great choice of as research has found that it also increases the slow-wave sleep which is the very deep sleep (where you have dreams). The instructions say to cream your entire body before you get your PJ’s on and jump into bed.

Lush Sleepy Cream
Lush Sleepy 95g £7.95

When I picked this up in terms of scent I was advised that it is comparable to one of Lush’s established bath bombs “Twilight”.

Lush Twilight bath bomb

You probably have seen the article around this is not several and since I often experience bouts of insomnia, I thought I would give it a go. They come in the usual two sizes offered by Lush 95g £7.95 and 215g £13.95.

The first night I followed the instructions and covered my entire body the scent although delicious, I found over powering before bed although I drifted off almost immediately. The second night I tried it however I only covered the top half of my body and found I drifted off into a nice slumber which was what I found for the subsequent nights. I stopped using it for a few nights to see whether my insomnia would kick in (which it did) so on the second night of insomnia at 4am I put some on and found that I drifted off within about ten minutes. One key difference in my all of my sleeps when I use this product is the quality as I always find that I recall having lots of dreams where I usually don’t recall any at all.


Between the routine and the cream itself, I do feel that this has made a difference to my sleep quality and I feel if you are having sleep difficulties then there’s no harm in giving it a go.






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