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If you didn’t get any last Autumn, then the Lord Of Misrule range is a must. Unofficially referred to as Halloween’s answer to snow fairy, Lush recently expanded the range of offerings. This blog post will cover everything you can get and my thoughts on the fragrance whilst you can still get your hands on it. As it is a seasonal Halloween collection, it will be gone until later in the year once it sells.

So you have a better understanding of the actual scent (since it is indescribable), I will begin with the perfume. Out of all of the fragrance ranges, the solid perfumes are the easiest to carry around since it is compact yet still pack a punch.

Lord of Misrule solid perfume: One of the latest additions to the range is the solid perfume. This travel-friendly-sized fragrance makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. How they captured the unusual scent fragrance with sweet and creamy vanilla, I will never know, but the size makes it handbag friendly.

Notes: Black pepper, patchouli and vanilla

How to use: Warm with a fingertip and then apply to pulse points. When it is brand new, you can apply directly.

There is a liquid perfume alternative too. Check out LUSH perfumes.

Lord of Misrule massage bar: Vitamin-rich butter massage bar is activated by simply holding it in your hands before gliding over the skin.

Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb: Although it’s initially the bright Lord of Misrule green, once it hits the water it releases wine-colored waters and the warm, spicy blend of dark patchouli and black pepper oils entise you for a soak.

Lord Of Misrule Body Spray: This has been a Lush fan favourite for years with its uniquely sweet and spicy scent. It opens with a musky patchouli note which is followed by a sweet and creamy vanilla heart of yummyness.

Lord Of Misrule Candle: All of the Lush candle range use high quality, ethically-sourced essential oils. With a rapeseed wax base blended with coconut oil, coconut wax and castor wax. All Lush candles are palm-free, paraffin-free, GM-free, soy-free and 100% vegan.

Lord of Misrule Shower Gel: This is not only smells good but turns your water green for extra fun. This shower gel is also full of moisturizing glycerin and wheatgerm oil to leave you with super silky soft skin.

Lord Of Misrule Wash Card: The was card means that you can take his uniquely sweet and spicy scent with you wherever you go. Plus they are still in stock which means that you can pick some up before they are gone.

Labyrinth Bubble Bar: If you are a bath lover then you may also want to check out the bubble bar. This one has the Lord Of Misrule scent. Simply crumble the bar in your hands under running water enjoy.

As I mentioned, the Lord of Misrule range is a limited edition range, so best to grab what you can before it goes.

Also, there’s super cute merch added now so you can get a pair of cute socks until Lord Of Misrule returns later in the year.

What will you be giving a try?

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