Reflections on Gratitude

Reflections on Gratitude

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude. With so much research saying how undeniable the benefits of practising gratitude were, I picked up a journal, trying to ensure I embedded the habit. As I have done this (not consistently but enough), it has made me notice two things. Firstly it’s an impossible task to ensure I am grateful enough. Secondly, how gratitude is more than just a line in a journal.

As someone who often boasts and feels I have always been quite spoilt, the reality is I came from a modest beginning. As a result, I give thanks for several simple things, such as not worrying about affording a fancy meal or being about to save and purchase the planner I always wanted. As a millennial, internet access was neven, a matter of fact but a luxury, so I give thanks for being able to afford it.

I’ve also learnt that gratitude is much more than simple, thanks. It is a way of life, and many other ways to show it. Sharing your success with those who directly or indirectly supported you is a way of showing appreciation. Including those important to you is a way of showing gratitude to them for being them. Giving you, my readers, an inside scoop on my life is how I offer gratitude to you for being on this journey with me.

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