June Beauty Favourites

It is finally July (my birthday month). As we say goodbye to June I thought I would reflect on some of my personal favourite products since I’ve not done that for a while. So in this post, I have a roundup of some of my most loved products of the month so you don’t need to look anywhere else for your next purchase.

Wakati Hair Range

My hair is loving this range which I was kindly sent to try for a review. I have found that it leaves my hair feeling silky soft and moisturised. Moisture levels are something I find difficult to maintain and as a result, my hair requires constant maintenance and conditioning. This range has helped a lot as it is moisture-locking as well as moisturising. Perfect for natural hair types and the curl activator gives the best curl definition if you want the wash-and-go look.

Exercise Hula hoop

Although I’ve not been motivated to exercise as much this has really excited me. Not to mention it is said to help burn 700 calories every 15 minutes! I don’t calorie count, but it shows how much it gets you working. The adjustable ring connects to a weight which is on a string. To keep it moving you need a good amount of rhythm and momentum.

Drunk Elephant Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser 

This melted my makeup away without hurting my sensitive eyes so I’m sad I finished it. After trying the range, I did feel like it made a difference to my skin’s sensitivity. Although this specific item was gifted, I will be purchasing more of the Drunk Elephant products.

Lush Sticky Dates Shower Gel

Originally launched for Eid was this shower gel and I am so glad that it was made permanent. The sticky, sweet vanilla loveliness feels like suck a treat in the shower. My rose jam is feeling quite envious that I haven’t used it in a few weeks since picking this up for the second time.

My vitamins Coconut and Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid Bundle

Twi things which I feel like everyone should introduce to their skincare routine (yes skincare) are these vitamins. Hyaluronic acid and coconut+collagen. Surprisingly less commonly seen in a supplement form is hyaluronic acid despite the benefits being well known. If you are looking to target the first signs of ageing then this in addition to your serum use and collagen is a must.

Polygel nail kit

One thing I wish I had discovered sooner is poly gel. It is so easy to do at home and saves money going to the salon. Having an electric file is useful but not mandatory in order to get lovely nails. Plus you can use poly gel to extend your natural length and they come in so many different colours and you can just paint over them if you want. If you’re not someone who has a UV light already then it’s worth noting you do require one to cure these.

iGlow lash maximiser serum

I stopped using this and saw the difference so now I am back on it. The iGlow lash maximiser serum is the only one where I saw a dramatic and noticeable difference in my natural lash length. This is particularly useful for the summer when I prefer to avoid having to wear strip lashes.

What are some of your favourites from last month?

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  1. So many great items!

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