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One of the biggest challenges I experience when shipping for perfumes is when I do am unable to distinguish is from other scents that have been tested in store. Additionally when I spray them on the cards it doesn’t reflect how it would smell on me as in reality, perfumes smell different on each person. So what I like is that with The Fragrance Shop the Scent Addict subscription allows you gain the option to try before you buy.


The Fragrance Shop is a place I have visited often over the years, with a wide fragrance selection at reasonable prices, it comes in handy this time of year for gifts. I find that my main influence on daily scent choice are mood, personal appearance/outfit and daily activities/events. Although I do have a few regulars within this, I wouldn’t consider myself to have a signature fragrance (yet).


If you are someone who also likes to mix it up then this new service could be something you enjoy. I was really lucky as I was able to attend the launch and speak to the people behind Scentaddict. My main thought was that, this was very overdue and something everyone can enjoy.



For £12 you sign up to Scentaddict subscription service who will send a sample volume of perfume (should last 30 days/8ml), which you place inside a handy twist and spray bottle. Scentaddict will then continue to send you your selections each month. Whether you select the same, or different scent is up to you. If you do decide to commit to one then you can redeem your £12 subscription fee. This can then be used towards a full sized version of the scent in store or online.


I am slowly expanding my fragrance posts which, I hope you have noticed from the new layout. There will be tonnes of info shared with you with specifics and perfume selection basics. This is a passion I hope you will love.


Will you be giving this Fragrance shop ScentAddict service a go?


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