Garnier Moisture Bomb Pomegranate Tissue Mask Review


I wanted to write a post about this mask that I used which is the Garnier Moisture Bomb Pomegranate face sheet mask. I used it as part of my new skin care routine which was inspired by the Korea 10 step skin care routine. It is something I am trying out in order to really banish my skin struggles for good!

This has been in my collection for a while and I often hate using masks which I only have one of but I tried it so I could tell you what I thought.


As always with these, the instructions are pretty much self explanatory and straight forward. The reason why I feel this is particularly useful this time of year is because of how drying the colder weather can be to the skin. I do find that I really struggle with dry oily skin over the Winter months and often this is because I need to provide it with more moisture. Once of the ingredients is hyaluronic acid which plays a vital role in skin moisture absorption rate based on humidity (very smart nutrient). Hyaluronic acid also helps with anti-aging which is similar to pomegranate extract which is also an ingredient. One of its main benefits is to strengthen the epidermis and therefore reducing/delaying wrinkles.

NOTE: I have a previous post which goes into more detail around the impact of poor skin hydration level which you can read  HERE


When I first took it out I was excited as I honestly thought it was a aquatic blue. This was actually a protective layer which you remove after applying it to the skin.

The only thing I found was that when I applied it with the protective sheet, it made it a little challenging to get it in position. Although this was a good fit for me it had some room which I feel means it would fit many face shapes and sizes.


Overall I feel this mask made my skin feel really great after using it and would purchase it again. Due to the ingredients this could benefit and address various skin concerns and if used on a regular basis. As always with mask, you should aim to use them twice a week as part of a robust skincare routine in order to gain the real benefits of using one.


wp-15110473576041428072813.jpg If you feel you would like the moisture with an alternative to pomegranate then Garnier have some alternative options available which you can check out on their website or stockists.

Will you be giving any a go?



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