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Still I have been resisting the temptation of returning to acrylic nails. One huge influence over this is the cost of them compared to a set of Kiss Nails.


About Kiss

If you haven’t heard of them previously Kiss are a hugely successful brand worldwide. They are the world’s largest professional nail product manufacturer. Their products are easily available at your local drug store both in the UK (Superdrug) and U.S.A (Walmart). Currently their products are available in over 90 countries world-wide. Since I know this blog in read in over 98 hopefully there will be a stockist near you. You may previously recall me writing about their lash range which is equally as extensive.

If you want to read more about their lash products CLICK HERE…

alex silver pr kiss event
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Recently I attended an event with Kiss Nails & Lashes to celebrate their recent ambassador Billie Faiers. There was a selection of all sorts of treatments to enjoy whilst there alongside canapés and champagne. It was a really enjoyable evening and it was great to take a look at the range.


As you know I transitioned from acrylic nails to temporary some time ago. Fresh nails still makes me really happy and so these were all really appealing. That said the set that really stood out to me were these beauties. I always love purple just as much as I love sparkles so this was a perfect combination of the two. Not only are they super easy to glue on but they also come with gel sticky tabs in case you don’t wish to apply using the glue. With the glue they last one my nails for about 7-19 days before requiring reapplication.


I am totally loving these at the moment however I feel like I next want to try some chrome style nails. With such a selection from Kiss, we’re definitely spoilt for choice. Not to mention they are great when paired with a makeup look. Special thank you to Alex Silver PR and Kiss for allowing me to try these so I can share with you in this post.

What are your favourite designs?


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