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I have really been experimenting with nails, as you can tell from my previous post. Recently I was introduced to the Calgel range.



Gel nails are cured using a UV lamp and come in two forms which are hard and soft (whether they can be soaked off or not). They can be used as a natural nail overlay or to extend the length of your nails similar to acrylic. They are different to acrylic though and Calgel is a one phase gel nail system, so easy to use. The difference between Calgel and gel polish is that it can be used on imperfect nails. So it can make even ridged or broken nails look smooth again.

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Since Calgel does not prevent nail growth and has damage free soak off, it has grown a strong reputation. In addition to this it provides beautiful, long lasting and glossy nails, for up to six weeks. It is hardwearing and flexible so can act as a shock absorber for the heavy handed (like me)

Calgel is extremely hard wearing; its strength is in its flexibility as it acts as a shock absorber on the natural nail, removing the risk of chipping and cracking. This allows movement with the natural nail and reduces the possibility of breakage and snapping. An optional layer of clear gel can be applied onto the natural nail prior to tip application to help provide extra protection and stability for those that need it.

 calgel nail poilsh shades for spring

It also allows moisture to pass through the layers of the gel, this moisture can evaporate helping to prevent lifting and for maximum adhesion. Even better there is no ‘break’ requirement between treatments and you can infill up to three times before requiring a soak off.

A unique ability is that there’s an option to infill. Even a colour change doesn’t require a soak off. Want to colour change at home? Simply apply their nail polish over your clear or colour gel and remove with Cleanse (a non-acetone remover). The removal process involves placing Wonder Wipe (cotton wool), soaked in our Soak Off solution, on top of the gel and then wrapping our Soak Off Foil around the finger tip.

calgel spring nail poilish shades

Spring Shades

Personally I love to experiment with colour and designs on my nails. I will try and find the most unique shade from the collection or the most popular to test it for myself. Calgel was no exception and I went for really Spring shades from their blooming beautiful range (“lily romance”,pink and “wild sage”, green. I love how the pastel shades made me feel entirely ready for Spring.

What kind of shades do you like in the Spring?

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