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Amongst many, this collaboration between My Lottie London and Thuyle got my attention. Thuyle is known for her stunning makeup looks and honesty in the industry. My Lottie London is pretty much a consistent brand in terms of their products. From the products I have tried I think they have found a great balance between price point and quality in the drugstore market.

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The Collection

It is interesting because I actually watched Thuyle’s video on this end to end. This is unusual as I normally enjoy giving myself a surprise with these collections. On the vidieo Thuyle made she shade her “Living My Best Life” palette along with 3 glitter switch shades and a gold diamond dip.

In store I saw there was also a second diamond dip which was in brown glitter. I picked this up in addition to the gold as I was unsure whether it was displayed early or what really.



The Palette

The 14 shade palette was created so that it could be carried easily. Thuyle references specifically when travelling abroad as she has a custom 58 shade palette generally. Thuyle also revealed that she had full control over the selection of shades including the naming of them. In terms of how she came up with the shades it was mentioned that she feels she gravitates to certain typed of shades.



The palette swatches from first swatch beautifully. The shimmers are almost foiled and the mattes are warmer are nicely pigmented. I wore the palette for a full day and the shades did not dull which was also impressive.

Glitter Switch

The glitter switch I picked up was in “Spill The Tea”. The other two are shades of red which are not really my go-to’s. Once applied it dries down and when you rub your lips together it goes from matt to glitter. The glitter in the nude shade is golden so it reflects beautifully in sunlight. Personally I found this one was better with a little moisturiser or gloss as the dry down is more drying than I have been use to with matt products. Despite this however the shade has made it into my everyday makeup bag as it is also super long wearing. One thing that was mention was taking it off is easiest with oil based remover however a B. Makeup Wipe was fine for me.


Diamond Dip

The thing about this product is that it comes out perfectly as long as you use a precision brush. I’m guessing it is mixed with the glue as it was advised not to prolong the exposure to the air when using it. I did find removal really easy with a makeup wipe and not messy at all to use. Also I mentioned earlier I have the two above shades although they are only showing on Lottie London Website and the second shade “yaaaas” is unavailable currently. I have heard that this is as official release is due later in the year so I am thankful I got mine early.

Look create using the “Living my best life” palette and Diamond Dips



Available not online on line but in 250 Superdrug stores is where you can pick up your selections. If you did want to try it for yourself I will warn you that Thuyle mentioned that it was limited edition. Personally I was lucky enough to pick it up for 3 for 2 in Superdrug meaning I got the diamond dip for free. Honestly though even if they were not on 3 for 2 I would purchase them. I am honestly impressed particularly with the palette and feel it is a shame that it is limited edition.

Will you be picking up the collab?

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  1. You are bad for me you know :0) This Lottie collection is hawt! I’ll take a peak when next I’m in town.

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