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This post is to speak to you about an event which I was lucky enough to stumble across whilst out shopping in Guildford. As usual I stopped by one of my favourite stores “Kikki.k”, to look at their supplies. Although I was aware that it was due to happen, I did not realise it was also the day that founder and Creative Director Kristina Karlsson, was due to visit to celebrate the launch of her book “Your Dream Life Starts Here”. The last book post I shared was about “Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror”, so I am so happy to share this today.


“Kristina tenderly and fiercely speaks to our hearts — to find strength and awaken our dreams to connect to something greater than ourselves.”

 Tererai Trent (Quote from Kikki.K Website)

About Kikki.K

Kikki.K stationery and designs are loved in over 147 countries worldwide. Kristina herself is not just a business owner but a sought-after international speaker, passionate learner, self-improver not to mention a proud mother and wife. It’s hard to understand how she finds the time!

Kristina Karlsson Founder & Creative Director Kikki.K

Originally from a small country farm in Sweden, she found herself in a new country, half a world away from family and friends, with little money and no idea what to do with her life. (Pretty much sounds like my life to date)

Her dreams were what helped her turn her life into what it has become today. Following this she has now been keen to share her journey with any and everyone opening to hearing. She has done this though her book.


Your Dream Life Starts Here

Firstly I will start by mentioning that 1USD from the sale of every book will be donated to the Tererai Trent International Foundation. This will help on the support from Oprah Winfrey but also brining quality education for children. “Your Dream Life Starts Here” is filled with powerful ideas and simple proven tools that will help transform your dreams. Not only this but it will also help in the creation of an achievable one-page roadmap for creating the dream life (a life designed by you for you). Filled with simple and practical actions, inspirational stories and wisdom from people who’ve dared to dream. The book was designed to demonstrate how to harness the power of dreaming to transform life in through simple steps.

Dr Tererai Trent
Dr Tererai Trent

The book has a plethora of stories from Dr Tererai Trent (Oprah Winfrey’s all-time favourite guest), Arianna Huffington, Stella McCartney, Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Li Cunxin (author of ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’), Alisa Camplin-Warner (winner of a remarkable Olympic gold medal), Michelle Obama, and many others. These should help to inspire in the journey to achieving your dreams.


It was a complete pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet with both Kristina and It is kind of fitting that I am discussing this after reaching my own personal goal of reaching 10k followers on Instagram. There’s still so many achievements left on the list and so finding things which inspire my thoughts are welcomed. Kikki.k have such a huge range of material to help focus, aid and guide you towards your dreams. If you were looking to meet with Kristina, unfortunately the UK leg of tour is over. However the book tour is continuing across the world, you can check the locations and dates here. If ychance to download the first chapter currently available on the website. (CLICK HERE) ou wanted to try the book before you buy then there is a



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