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Having a great skincare routine is certainly my tip for having a perfected makeup look. Recently Bellevue reached out to me with their luxury skincare range which I am delighted to share with you now.

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Designed to cover the needs of the contemporary woman who, like me want to combine a busy lifestyle and personal care. Of course having top quality products in order to achieve this is vital. As you get past your mid-twenties, your skin loses elasticity and so a skin care regime has been more important now than in previous years. Bellevue London aims to be a pioneer in cellular anti-ageing therapies and cutting edge biotechnology, by intercepting the ageing process at a cellular level. This is why I was keen to give it the range a go.

Since Bellevue pride themselves on selecting the finest certified ingredients that are blended together to offer the best care for your delicate skin this sounded like something I really wanted to try. My skincare routine is a part of the day where I get to take time to myself which I really enjoy and what you make the best it can be.

As you know my skin is very complex and although it is getting better, I am still learning. Due to the ranges’ richness in folic acid and glycolic acid, this treatment is also offering exciting results in the treatment of oily skin: it opens pores blocked by serum, renews and triggers the regeneration of skin damaged by acne. Suitable to all skin types and all ages. There were tonnes of more benefits which can be found on their website so be sure to check it out.

The Range

I was lucky enough to receive the entire Bellevue range consisting of Facial Serum, Eye gel, Day and Night Cream to try out which I have been using since the beginning of December. I have ensured that I have used it for enough time to be able to give my thoughts around its results.

Eye Gel

To be used around three times a week on the eye contour area. It is literally just a clear light weight gel in terms of consistency. I like to leave it to sink in after application however in the evening I light to also place some cream under my eyes afterwards as in the winter, this area can get really dry.

Facial Serum

For sure my favourite of the range as I am addicted to the benefits of serums. Again this is very light weight although white in color. My skin soaks it up really quickly so I am confident it loves it also I still continue to use my retinol treatment in the evening.

Day & Night cream

The importance of creams is ensuring that you also apply this to your neck. The texture is like whipped cream and really does feel amazing to put on.


I feel like this Bellevue range has made my skin definitely feel fuller and smoother with only one single spot within the entire time (hugely rare for me). The main difference I felt is in my cheeks where I actually feel like I have some as they are fuller. Also I feel like my skin is less oily and just a lot more settled in general. So if you are looking to invest more into your skincare then be sure to check their website out.

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