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Since June is National Rose Month in the USA, I thought that I would take the opportunity to highlight the key benefits of rose-infused products in your skincare routine.

Rose extracts contain anti-inflammatory and scar reducing ingredients, plus they can reduce redness and calm the skin. Since they have astringent and antibacterial properties, those with acne-prone skin and oily skin types will find them particularly beneficial. Also, they are high in Vitamin C & E, which can stimulate collagen (reducing the signs of ageing) whilst moisturising. If that wasn’t enough, the scent could help calm the mind, relieve anxiety, and improve mood.

In my search for all things rose-infused, I discovered Heritage Store. Their plant-based formulas use only the essential ingredients. They also use Vor-Mag™ water to promote higher vibrations and crystals in their formulations.


As with all skincare, the more natural, the better the benefits, Rosewater is an excellent example since it is just that. Two simple ingredients help hydrate and soothe the skin whilst the scent helps lift the mood. It is ideal for an afternoon lag refresh. If placed in the fridge, then it can also enhance the refreshment.

Rosewater Facial Toner

Facial Toner

An Oil-free rose-infused toner removes impurities while intensely hydrating your skin. It can be used as part of your daily routine and to prepare your skin before makeup application.

Outside of their rose-infused range, Heritage Store also have a selection of multi-use oils. For example, I have castor oil which I use in my hair; however, oil can also use all over the body. They also have black castor oil and lavender castor oil, which are very appealing to me.

If you want to try Heritage Store rose-infused products for yourself then you purchase their range online from their website and stockists such as Cult Beauty and Amazon.



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