Sleek Limited Edition Sunset Vibes Collection Look

[Disc: This collection was kindly gifted to me however all views are my own]

Following on from my previous ‘Get the look’ blog post, I am sharing this Sleek Makeup look. This is also a great opportunity to share some thoughts on the Limited Edition, Sunset Vibes Collection for you to read.

The palette is pigmented enought that all can use it with ease to produce a lovely look. It’s buildable to high intensity or immmediately achievable should you want to use a larger amoount of product. If you were looking to go for immediate impact then a good precision brush would make this easier. In terms of applicaton, I like to use a no boundry free hand in order to apply eyeshadow. With light pressure and smooth wrist movements, it’s easy to recreate this look. However you could use some masking tape if you wanted and immediate perfect finish and a clear guide line.

The Chasing The Sun i-Divine eyeshadow palette is complete with a selection 12 matte and shimmer shades for you to play with. All warm tones which is particularly beneficial to me as cool toned shades can appear ashy on my skin tone. The variation means not only is there a shade for everyone but also enables you to add dimension to your look.

The highlighter elixir is a beautiful warm liquid gold. It is perfect for the face and as the base of your shimmer lid shade. The elixir is full of vitamins which you can also build on to increase intensity. To complement this is Highlighting Palette Glow. Highly pigmented and stunning, it gives an instant glow.

You are welcome to use strip lashes for this look or double up on mascara like me. I have been using a of combining mascaras to enhance my natural lashes. Currently the Kat Von D Vegan Beauty together with Revolution Beauty Wispy Lash mascara, is a great go-to combo. This is because it creates a fuller lash which, provides a great looking alternative.

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