5 Gifting Tips for Gifting The Distant And Difficult In-Law


Whether you have a close relationship or not, it is always polite to bring a gift for your relatives. There is nothing better than having a great relationship with family and wowing them every year with something meaningful. In this post I thought I would take a look at an alternative scenario as not all relationships are necessarily close and some can just simply be difficult. It can be so hard trying to find something that hits the right balance when trying not to be insulting but not knowing what to get. Since it’s difficult enough thinking about those closest to you, here’s some hints and tips for those not so close. So whether you are planning to pick up something for your sister’s husband you rarely see or a difficult in-law, keep on reading. 


Play it safe, kind-of 

One thing you need to do is play it safe, kind of. Not so safe that you could give the same gift to John or Jane at work. But enough that you don’t buy bath salts when someone clearly only has a shower in their home. It needs to appear like you thought of them, but not so much you mess up.  Speed when it comes to shopping is always a must so you never want to spend too long on one persons gift. Who doesn’t like, and almost expect a good body wash supply over Christmas. No matter what mood you go for there is always something for every in-law.

mina wine in gift box presentation
£10.99 from Mina Wines website

Sometimes Less Is More

This is probably one of the hardest parts. Some families do really well at setting a gift budget in advance whilst others may not. Potential this could leave you to fall victim to being quietly judged which can feel stressful. If the latter is what you’re up against then wow your recipients by making sure what you get looks expensive even if it isn’t. Lets not forget we don’t want to spend too much, especially if we are dealing with a serial re-gifter anyway. If they are above the legal drinking range then Mina wines have a fantastic selection. Their presentation make them ideal when gifting to relatives. Just remember to keep in mind whether they prefer red or white.

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If Quantity Matters

For those that actually feel that quantity reflects affection then be sure to set yourself a firm budget. Three for two at Boots is a great way to stock pile gifts for everyone. There are all types of gifting options and don’t forget that these can be engraved at selected stores. Alternatively head over to Debenhams who have a large selection of appealing gifts. 

Enjoy The Process

Although sometimes difficult remember the “spirit of the holidays”. Try and enjoy the process of going gift shopping whether its spending time with friends and family or having some well deserved you time. This time of year is always great to catch everyone at home too. You can always stop by a friends on the way home from a hectic present hunt.

What do you wow your difficult in-law or relatives with? Let me know in the comments below.


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