Natura Siberica Laboratoria Active Bio-Moisturising Face Gel-Mask


I wanted to share with you a mask which I recently tried and is actually from Siberia. This is very unique to me as I have never heard of many brands from Siberia and it is really exciting to get something exclusive. I was lucky enough to have had this gifted to me from someone who visited otherwise I would not of had it at all.


That said Natura Siberica is a certified organic beauty brand based in Siberia but recently launched in the UK. The UK site has a good selection however this particular mask is not currently available although I hope it will be soon. (I did email the brand however I did not hear back as to whether this would happen)

The hydrating gel mask is to actively fight the first signs of wrinkles as well as stimulate skin regeneration and improve the skin tone and elasticity. There are many things that can impact skin elasticity and one of the top is the UV rays from the sun. I am slowly becoming more aware of these and have been attempting to take more preventative measures which is why I am giving it a go.

I found that this mask had a particularly interesting range of ingredients which include organic Altai sea buckthorn and 100% active antioxidants. The colour of the mask itself is very much like the berries, a bright red which resembles jelly when on your face.



Apply a thin layer on the face and neck then leave to dry for 15 minute before rinsing off with water and admiring the results.

I did find that my face tingled after using it which was quite interesting but my face did also look much brighter which was great.

Although I am unable to see this yet available in the UK the brand do have a UK site which you can check out HERE for their current selection.

Will you be giving this brand a go?



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