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Previously I have referenced the importance of skincare which most people generally accept. That said I have never really discussed what I feel are great when it comes to the most basic of all skincare routine steps. Cleansing is one of those steps that people tend to not discuss mostly since I feel it is taken for granted that people know what they are doing. Despite this I often see people using unnecessary products or ill-matched tools to cleanse. I’ve probably tested out most of the main types which I will share my in depth thoughts on in this post.

clarisonic mia 2

Clarisonic Mia 2

The Clarisonic is probably to me, the most talked about and most well-known cleansing tool. The vibrating cleanser has a vibrating head which enables you to change once it becomes to worn to use. There is also a selection of brush heads for different skin types such as acne prone and sensitive.

How it works

Clarisonics come with  very straight forward instruction manual which states that it needs to be phased in. Many people that purchase these ignore the introduction piece which results in a phase of break out after the first few uses. The brush and vibration is more effective than using hands to clean your face.

My Thoughts

Prior to attaining one of these I had never used any other facial cleaner so I felt the difference. Personally I found my skin texture reduced dramatically when using this. Those of you that have been engaged with me for the past couple of years also know that my breakouts are also no longer a concern. Although this may be due to a number of changes I have made in this time, this was certainly one. One thing I would love to know is how this compares to something like the Magnitone which is one I have never tried.

foreo luna mini 2

Foreo Luna Mini 2

Currently when I travel I take the Foreo Luna Mini with me. The LUNA mini 2 is an enhanced T-Sonic™ face brush with eight adjustable intensities for a fully customizable cleansing experience. The updated 3-zone face brush is optimized for all skin types and comes in six exciting new colours.

How it works

The Luna Mini 2 comes in a variety of bright colours. It has 8 adjustable intensities for a customizable cleansing experience.

My Thoughts

The fact that it is small makes it easy to transport and like the Mia, this is water proof so there is no problems taking it in the shower with you. Having a removable battery means you don’t need to recharge more frequently over time. In terms of the clean, the rubber bristles make it really comfortable to have a deep cleanse.

elf facial cleanser

E.L.F Facial Cleanser

This cleanser is more hand sized with a unique shape, something I find particularly useful around my nose area. The silicone brushes allow for a deep clean and leaves skin feeling smooth. Not to mention this is something you can use twice a day as part of your skincare routine.

How it works

The water resistant design makes it easy to use both in and out of the shower/bath. The deep clean with the massage allows for product absorption. This is particularly useful if, like me, you use serums like retinol.

My Thoughts

The affordability of this product makes it a great first investment if you have not ever tried a facial cleanser previously. Not to mention that you really do feel like you are getting into hard to reach areas of the face (around the nose and mouth). In addition to this the gentle vibration is not brain rattling and so is very relaxing. Used with the E.L.F skincare range it can be really enjoyable.

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konjac sponge

Konjac Sponge

If you prefer something more natural then the Konjac Sponge is growing popularity. The one I tried was from the brand Brush Works.

How it works

Amorphophallus Konjac fibre is actually from like a Asian potato/ They have been used for many years by the Japanese to deep clean their skin. It is loaded with a tonne of beneficial vitamins and minerals as a result. It is one cleanser which is better for you and the planet!

My Thoughts

This is a great natural alternative to a deep clean. You don’t actually require any kind of cleansing soap when using it. In fact I am quite sure it is to be used on clean, damp skin. The main thing is to keep it sponge like you do need to ensure you keep it moist otherwise it dries up.


So that is all of the cleansers that I have tested out so far along with my thoughts. If you are thinking of purchasing between any of these then I would say a lot of it comes down to personal preference. What you like the feel of not to mention the outcome. All of these products have provided my skin with a deep clean. It is a vital routine particularly if you are prone to break outs.

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Were any of these new to you? Let me know your thoughts and what ones you’re loving at the moment in the comments below.

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