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It is almost that time to say farewell to 2015! If you’re anything like me, making sure you look your best for the occasion is a must. What I tend to focus on is really dramatic eye make up for the big event so making sure it is bold and sparkles is really important. The other thing I consider is durability as often wherever I am, I will be there for a long time. (Obviously it needs to be in prime condition for midnight photos) So whilst scouting the isles this week I have picked up a couple of what I feel are NYE eye make-up must haves.


First up is the Revolution Awesome Metals foil finish  eye shadow. How completely amazing is this product!?


There are four colours to pick from I have “Black Diamond” which I feel will really exaggerate my NYE look. Application involves a simple four step process utilising the included liquid primer with a mixing tray. The handy part is, it is straight forward.

The best news about this product is, currently all four colours are on promotional discount to £2. Just click on the link it will take you straight to the site.

Secondly I will go over to my ever growing Sleek collection. I find the pigmentation in all their products brilliant for my skin tone which can sometime be a challenge.


This i-Quad doesn’t only have eye shadow but also eye liner and it is small enough to accompany you throughout the evening in your handbag. As you can see it has a compact mirror and application brushes, so if you do need a top up during the night then you can do this whilst on the go. This specific set is “Medusa’s Kiss” but there is a selection of three different shades to suit your mood.

This product is also on promotion and you can purchase this for just £3 if you order it on-line at the moment.

Finally I think ensuring that you look after your under eye skin is vital so I feel that these Masque B.A.R dark circle reducer minimising patches are well worth time for eye care. They contain Sunflower Seed oil, Phyto Collagen and Vitamins A & E.


The Masque B.A.R range in the UK are exclusive to Boots and are currently on offer for just £6.66.

So hopefully this helps you look and feel your best and you have an enjoyable NYE celebration night.

Be sure to visit my blog again and check out what I got up to in the new year 😉

If you have tried any of these products I’d love to know your thoughts.

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  1. Love your blog. The foil finish eyeshadow looks very interesting 🙂

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