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I recently posted a throwback photo whilst near West Pier in Brighton which is one of my favourite places in England. There is so much to do which is suitable for everyone but you can not beat the fresh sea are and calming sounds of the waves in the evenings. I find this really relaxing so I often visit when I want to relax.

Usually I will have to get an unbeatable fish and chips on the sea front but there are so many great places I thought I would be adventurous.

I went on to the sea front and went to a lovely place called Alfresco which is rated top ten restaurants in Brighton and no wonder when it serves food using locally sourced ingredients where possible.


Situated near to the Grade I listed building West pier, Alfresco is in a great location. Although only the remains are left the pier is still a sight to behold.

west pier brighton view from alfresco

The food

To accompany my meal I had the most delicious Mocktail (non alcoholic cocktail) which was called an ‘Apple & Mint breeze. I would highly recommend this drink (I had to have more than one of these).

alfresco brighton mocktail drink

For my main I went with this fine dish which is a classic. Mussels can take a little longer to eat but still absolutely enjoyable dish.

alfresco brighton mussels dish

Overall Alfresco Brighton gets a big thumbs up from me for the all round experience.

Check out their website if you want to check out their seasonal menu.

I’d love to hear about your favourite Brighton restaurants in the comments below.

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