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As a lover and loyal Christen Dominique follower, I am super excited that she has finally launched her own cosmetic line Dominique Cosmetics.

Christen dominique


Let me introduce you to Christen who I am certain you have heard me speak of previously. She is a beauty Youtuber with over 3 million subscribers not to mention her 1.3 million followers on Instagram. In terms of fellow influence friends, hers include Laurag, Jackie Aina, and Patrick Starr (to name a few). I previously featured her on a post about influencers to follow which you can see HERE.


Dominique Cosmetics

Christen has never previously released a collaboration in terms of makeup although I do remember her having a t-shirt brand a while a go. Clearly an entrepreneur she has finally given us a makeup product, which will be the first from the brand. This is The Latte Palette which captures her love for a daily morning latte.

The Latte Palette inner and outer packaging

The Latte Palette packaging

Christen went for the classic Instagram favourite color scheme for packaging with a rose gold sleeve and a white packaging. Despite white packaging and makeup usually not being something you’d want to mix, Christen has ensured that the material used is wipe-able. I am one who loves keeping packaging of all kinds and since the rose gold sleeve has DC on it (Dominique Cosmetics logo), I doubt this will be any different. Besides being white the palette itself has a cushion cover inspired design in rose gold.

The Shadows

After 18 months to develop the 10 evergreen neutrals palette in its entirety, I have high hopes for it. In terms of formula, the shades are said to be build-able and easy to work with for all skill sets which, I’d say is reflective of her subscribers. Each shade has coffee drink inspired name such as pumpkin spice, vanilla cream and hazelnut.

the latte palette swatches

Pre-order was on January 24th at 7.15pm PST (yes I stayed up until 03.30am) with the delivery appearing to arrive for everyone on February 14th and just after the full launch. I totally love it already especially when I have followed this particular influencer since her first video.

If you are looking to purchase one for yourself then this can be done via the Dominique Cosmetics website HERE.


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