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Can not believe that we are already near the end of January! I have spent the past week rummaging around for my empties and favourites so I can share them all with you in this post so I hope you enjoy!

Last month I didn’t really have many that I thought “wow! that’s changed my world” but it means I should have an extra amount in this post.

So it’s probably quite bad but pretty much every time I empty a cleanser I try another and I think this is as my skin needs change frequently with the weather. So now it is definitely colder, I have switched up to more moisture for my skin. I have combination skin however I have found that I am getting really dry, flaky and even sore skin at times. So I used this Hydro Boost cleanser by Neutrogena and personally, I felt the results instantly. My skin was very settled and smooth but not tight after washing. My eyes often burn when I wash my face no matter what I use so I was surprised when I did not a get burning sensation after rinsing this off my face. wp-1479982518719.jpg

I picked it up in Boots only as I hadn’t seen this before and currently 1/2 price (usually £7.99).

Ce-less-tial opi

My next fave is this nail polish which I wore by OPI “ce-less-tial”. Despite glitter having a place in my life all year round I think it is more important to sparkle in the long winter nights. I picked this up praying that I would not end up with the semi opaque glitter polishes I often get, good for me this wasn’t the case here. I am wearing two coats of it in the image however it is lovely and thick. The sand affect if anything, adds to the sparkle and makes a kind of foil effect (add two coats of top coat if you want a smooth finish).


The day I saw them on Jouer’s snapchat I knew I would get them and I have been blessed enough to have both before Christmas. I have darkened the photo slightly but these are both the lip toppers “tan-lines” and “skinny dip”. I wore Tan-lines out for the first time in December and was stopped to ask where I got it from because I am telling you, they look amazing on the lips. It is in my opinion what glitter lips would come out like if it was a gloss. Guessing by lip topper it just refers to it going on top of lips because honestly, you don’t need any shade underneath. Jouer have now released a 3rd shade called “frosted” but I think these two are enough for me for now. wp-1480357508175.jpg

Created with I Heart Makeup Unicorn Heart

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t put this up because I feel like it I was reincarnated to a beauty product then this Unicorns heart beauty would be it. Some days I just open it to make myself feel better, is that sad? (maybe, a little) The great news is it’s back in stock so you can go and get yours direct from TAM or selected Superdrug stores (quickly before it sells out).

I have asked many people how they would describe how they feel when they wear this Sleek Cleopatra’s kiss highlight and they’ve said the same as me “it’s like you’ve been dipped in gold”. It’s my go to everyday highlighter and I haven’t looked back.


I think I probably use this Makeup Revolution palette everyday and have done for a couple of months now unless i am doing a huge full glam look. It just has the right shades for me to create a nice natural look day to day.


My hands and lips dry out so quickly in the cold so these two literally have been living in my handbag. Skinfix‘s hand cream doesn’t give that oily feeling afterwards which is what I normally hate the most about handcream. I heart makeup lip balm just glides on and is £2.99.


So I can’t pick between anything I picked up from Lush in December so these are all my favourites. I have been using limelight to brush my teeth for a couple of months now and I love its limeiness almost like having a treat instead of the “minty fresh” you get with toothpaste. The two face masks just make my skin feel great and I have no idea why I did not get snow fairy body conditioner sooner.(Actually I do it was because I thought there was only bath wash in this scent).


I am still loving all of these Nouveau Lashes affordable goodies which you can pick up online.I am a member of lashgang which I joined after beginning to love lashes however if I wasn’t I would still stock up on the three in the above picture because they are my faves. Volume 2 is what I tend to use daily on my Instagram. One thing I would highlight about  the adhesive is that it does not have that fishy scent I found with other brand adhesive.

Nip fab face serum

I am really stocking up on the serums at the moment as part of my skin care routine but this one has been one I have not changed for months and didn’t even realise. It is the Nip+Fab no needle fix serum. The main thing that attracted me to this was that it had Oat extract and home made masks (or my Lush one) with oats really helps the skin. Not just anti-inflammatory properties but also its moisturizing, helps remove dead cells and helps treat skin conditions mike acne, eczema and rashes. Recently my skin an I have been getting along better and although I wouldn’t say it’s solely due to this product, I would say it is one of the reasons.



Cherri chee peach facial cleansing wipes

Before it was opened

This was taken before I threw the empty pack away. Absolutely loved these Cherry Chree cleansing wipes and I have no idea where to get more after picking the up in T.K.Maxx. I haven’t seen them since that day despite checking every store. (farewell my good friends).

I think that is a good round up of December, what were your faves?


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