3 tips on how to dress in the Summer heat


As a Summer baby, I love this weather although it is not for everyone. Since it is one of the hottest Summers I can remember, I thought I would share some of my current favourite survival styles in the heat. Thanks to boohoo.com I can share a really good example as to my biggest tips.

boohoo white bardot dress
Boohoo Off the Shoulder Wrap Bodycon Dress White – £20

Wear White

The Summer weather has been pretty much sun without any breeze so white clothing is perfect for that. It is said that wearing white actually reflects the sunlight which is why it keeps you cooler. Not to mention what I love about white is that it really emphasises a sun-kissed glow.


Although I often wear shorts and trousers these can be really sticky when the heat is this intense. Switch it for a skirt to allow more airflow around the leg area. Personally I do not find a considerable difference between a bodycon or loose skirt however I know everyone is different.


Go Bardot

If you have been watching my Instagram then you’d know that I have been living in Bardot tops and dresses. The shoulder exposure really makes a difference to my body temperature keeping me cooler than having sleeves. Just remember to put on SPF as the sun exposure can be intense to that area.


So those are my biggest tips as to how I am keeping cool this Summer. This boohoo.com dress is a great example as to how I am doing it. You’ll definitely notice an increased volume of white clothing on my Instagram feed too.

What are some of your tips?




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