Daniel Wellington holiday bundle [15% Discount code]


Although I can not even recollect the day I discovered Daniel Wellington it definitely resonated with me. It was probably whilst watching an advertisement late night as I do remember many of the details that really compelled me to become an owner of one. The NATO strap was my first choice this is as they were debuted in the British Ministry of Defence and are waterproof and durable, useful when you’re on a tennis court for example.


After hunting for ages I became a proud owner of my first Daniel Wellington and celebrated with a nice instagram post. Flash forward one year and you can understand my amazement to share that I have collaborated with.

Gift Sets

The gift sets ooze luxury and just make you really feel special. Unless you want to add surprise, then you don’t need to actually wrap this. I comes in such amazing packaging that there is not need to cover it. I adore that this set comes with a Classic rose gold cuff however there are alternatives which come with an additional strap, as they are interchangeable. If you want to check the full selection out then be sure to have a look on their website.


Of course you could purchase the watch in isolation which also comes in lovely packaging. I went for a mesh strap and could not be happier as these easily can match any outfit.

If you want to pick this or any Daniel Wellington products up. You can get 15% off with the use of this exclusive code: NADIENE15

NOTE: This is not an affiliate code meaning I do not receive any payment for the use of it.





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