Christmas Wish List 2019

Disc: this post contains affiliate links.


As a jewellery lover I had to put something and so, here it is. This ring is one of those that I keep telling myself I “need”. Even better it seems to be the only thing that tailored ads have picked up on so it’s everywhere everytime I surf the web. Although I won’t quite give in yet I will place it on my wish list. The thing about it is that you can use it to dress up or just everyday. The ring style is similar to that seen frequently on the Kardashian/Jenner’s, mainly Khloe and Kylie. At the moment I have found that I really like band rings although on my tiny figures, they have a habit of turning. This is why a band ring is great as you will never notice a ring turning due to its consistent pattern all the way around.

Hobonichi planner ivory £24:

Bullet journal lovers will know that about these Hobonichi planners. They are the premium grade when it comes to planning. I do have a bullet journal however when designing the pages I’ve found that the pen ink goes through the pages. Kind of impractical when you want to create master piece pages.

Knomo Backpack

The Beauford is he bag want in black however it does come in a selection of 4 shades. The backpack also comes in a selection of sizes for all your needs. Recently one of my beloved backpacks finally started not zipping up. This made me review whether it was even fit for purpose. After a lot of thought I decided that I required a larger bag with thicker straps. Thicker straps help the pain that can come with a heavy back pack because of surface size. (shout-out to school as this information was actually useful) On my daily commute I frequently see people with these ones which tick all of the boxes. That said, you pay for quality which is why it’s made it to my wish list rather than my wardrobe just yet.

Ring light

This ring light is a great for anyone looking to take good photos even just on their phone. Although I already own a different version, this seems a little easier to set up. One of the things about the one I currently own is that it has to be attached with a bracket. The process can be lengthy and I can’t attach both my camera/phone and light with the same bracket. Since I’m working towards a permanent set up in my home office this will work better. Especially with the upcoming content opportunities which will be more everyday based.

Cricut Explore Air 2

This has probably been on my list for a year however I only just realised. With so many cutting machine options it has taken a long time for me to decide. Not to mention the lack of supports round what each can do in a summary. Though I believe this may be due to the fact that these types of machines have an endless amount of opportunities. Personally it took a lot of research before I decided and so I will probably share that journey in a separate post. For now I have added this to my wish list.

Tombow Portrait Dual Brush Pen Set

I wouldn’t be me unless I added some stationary and this time it’s high quality pens. Since I already own a Tombow I thought I would add this set as I am keen the get a kind of matte rose gold shade. The nearest I’ve seen was on Instagram when Ch disappeared with the scroll never to be seen again. I’m hoping either it’s this or the one mentioned below.

TouchNew 24 Colours Skin TonePens Dual Tip Twin Markers (skin tone)

Since I’m unsure as to which I prefer (highlighter or paint brush nib) I’ve added both to this list. TouchNew are said to be really great quality too although I’ve not yet tried them myself. There’s a third brand I would be interested in trying however I could not locate these in the skin shades which is what I really want.

There’s very little else to add to this as I am so blessed to already have so much. Even since writing this post I have already acquired a couple of these wishes. I could always start on the really hi-end items (like a holiday) however I feel this is enough.

What’s on your wish list this year and have you purchased any?