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The Duchess of Sussex (Rachel Meghan Markle), is an American-born former actress. Raised in LA she is best known for her role in the TV series Suits. In her early career she had many things in addition to acting. Right before meeting HRH Prince Harry she was founder of “The Fig”, a lifestyle website focusing on self love, positivity and spirituality on social media. Despite its huge success in reaching over 3 million on Instagram, 800,000 on Facebook, The Fig was removed in April 2017. It was estimated that Meghan earned $80,000pa from endorsements and sponsorships.

Although is amazing, I can’t yet compare to such success. However is read in much of the world including; USA, China, Australia and Russia. This truly makes me feel honoured to have your visits and motivates me to produce more content. The thing I love is how much the content is growing especially around the mental wellness spotlight reads.

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Meghan’s Style

Meghan became known for her fashion sense through her blog. This also resulted in two collection launches with a Canadian brand named Reitmans. Her style seems to include monochromatic tonal dressing and neutral colours. In terms of cut she prefers streamline dresses and bateau necklines.

Her colour and style preferences are certainly ones I would share. Neutral tones are my absolute favourite. They feel easier for me to work with also I prefer lighter clothing as UK weather is so glum (exception black). Cuts and necklines I play with more however there’s something very flattering about the bateau neckline. Personally my wardrobe doesn’t contain this but I would like to try it out.

Since becoming a member of the Royal family, Meghan has streamlined her style. It makes it much easier to break it down into key items which you can pick up when looking to style steal from her. Below are some of my suggestions based on what she mainly wears.

I had the pleasure of recently visiting the home town of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s in Windsor. So I thought it was a great time to try and replicate some of her outfits for this post.

Shirt Dress

Especially this year I’ve seen Meghan in a shirt dress frequently. Especially ones which are belted which is great for creating a more hourglass figure. These are always of a similar length which reaches the middle of the calves but these can come in many lengths. Pinstriped and demin where probably the most talked about this year altough she did also wear a nice one in white if I’m not mistaken.

Boat Neck Dresses

As mentioned before this is probably Meghan’s dress cut. This is super flattering as it draws attention to the neck and shoulders. She keeps it as a classic slim fit, knee-long dress to visually slims the figure.


These are super popular with everyone I think. You can never go wrong with having several blazers in your wardrobe. It can completely change a look of an outfit not to mention, pull it together. When buttoned up the blazer again slims the waist which is a theme in Meghan’s wardrobe. This can also be placed over the shoulders for a more modest look not to mention it is great alternative to a light jacket.


The use of the bag to show when a lady doesn’t want to offer a hand shake is well known. She will hold her clutch in both hands if she is not wanting to do this. Having a clutch is therefore really important when attending public engagements. Meghan goes for a slightly larger shoulder bag which can also be clutched or has a second handle. This must be useful when she does want to shake hands as then she can place this over her shoulder rather than under her arm.

JustNadiene Style Steals

As mentioned earlier, I visited the new home of the Sussex’s in Windsor and decided to release my inner Duchess. I selected a couple of her outfits and replicated them with existing items within my wardrobe. Many photos pre-Harry, have been removed so I have less to wwork with. Therefore the outfits were selected from whe shoe was expecting however you’ll she that this does not really matter when replicating on someone who isn’t.

This outfit she wore was a bandeau dress however I went for a turtle neck with a pleate skirt instead. This black dress was paired with a white blazer just like Meghan although she rolled rolled the sleeves up on hers. This outfit was comfortable to wear and the pleated skirt made it feel really feminine.

The exact dress I purchased is below which was really affordable and looked just like what Meghan wore. A blazer dress is a great way to look smart and having one that’s belted supports in slimming the figure. White is a great colour especially in the Summer months. The other great thing is that they come in so many different cuts and lengths that you’ll definitely find the one for you.

The shoes are called Kaitlyn and are from Vionic Shoes which are designed for comfort. Not only in black but also in like a cream shade if you prefer. Low wedged heels are super comfortable and perfect to wear especially in the Summer. I did not even try to style steal these just happened to match and so I included them in this post.

This is pribably my go-to coat for the past two years and honestly it’s still going strong. What I love about mine was that it was affordable (£35 Boohoo), goes with everything, and like wearing a duvet. Although Meghans is probably more luxurious, you can’t go wrong with one of these no matter how much you spend.

That is it from me in terms of the style steal suggestions. In terms of style I feel like I wouldn’t mind borrowing more outfit ideas from Meghan in the future. Recently she has been wearing a couple of looks I do want to try out for myself so I may do a follow up post to this one.

What do you think of my steals, did I do well?


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