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Finding a brow product that works for you can sometimes be difficult. Most recently I have been testing out this B. Pro Styler Brow Pencil for when I am in a rush. As you would have seen in my previous post B. is available exclusively to Superdrug stores and is entirely cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Pro Styler Brow Pencil

Available in a range of shades from fair to a deep brown. The shade I have been using is a deep brown which I feel may even be a shade darker than my natural brow hairs. The styler has two ends one with a handy spooly the other with the pencil product. The spooly is tapered rather than flat making it easier to brush the corners and small tips of the brow. The pencil is not shaped as a pencil but more like a triangle. The shape makes it easier to apply a Instagram style brow. If you are hoping to have a more natural brown look then you will probably require a angled brush to dip into the product.


This is really useful when you are looking for an everyday brow product as everything you need is enclosed. Easily this product could become a stable for someone who is on the go or has work but still wants to look presentable. The wear time is also really good if you are out all day plus the affordability make it a good investment. In terms of the colour selection I actual feel it is a great foundation as they clearly have the most used shades available. I suspect and look forward to their brand growth and extending their range overall as it is nice to have more vegan and cruelty free beauty easily accessible.

Will you be giving B. Pro Styler Bro Pencil a go?

Here’s a video of it in action;

B. have a range of other brow products, should you be someone that prefers pomade for example. Be sure to check them out on the Superdrug website.

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