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This post is for one time of month I am guilty of trying to pretend doesn’t exist. The reality is it does and Pink Parcel kindly support me so I could share with you a way to genuinely look forward to having your period.


In this post I will be reviewing the mixed tampons and sanity towels contents. This is something you can select your preference upon ordering (which you can change at any time). Not only this but out of the brands they offer you can select your favorite, which is so important to me.

After receiving it I realised this meant far more than a subscription service. I was delivered was a nice sized box with the iconic “Pink Parcel” logo on the top. To open it you have the cutest boy tag, which you unfortunately have to pull off in order for you to see tonnes of goodies.

Immediately I felt special as not only were there little boxes inside however they each had a little message as to when to use them. I will share each of the box contents below.

boxes pink parcel

For you – a little something to cheer you up

This was a little deceiving as it is not a “little something” but a selection of things that immediately bought a smile to my face. These change each month so the January one had a really nice selection of things that personally cheered me up. If you have seen my previous post, I love aromatherapy so my main favorite was the Coopers apothecary “happy” atmosphere mist.

January pink parcel box

For night – use these at bedtime

I never feel prepared for my period when it arrives. Since I usually have to go and get supplies when it does, I am probably correct especially because I never have night pads. Night pads are one of those you can never really have enough of since if you are particularly heavy then these are great in the day additionally because it is the only thing to use at night. Luckily this box has it covered with five Bodyform night pads.

For later – keep these close by

16 tampons came in this one which you should want to keep by should you prefer them to pads or even if you need to suddenly double up.

for you pink parcel box contents january

For now (bag)

In this one you have a supply of liners and tampons.


Periods are just one of those things that always turns up when you least expect it even though you suspect it (and always on the day I wear white). I think we have the right to pamper ourselves when it arrives.

Pink Parcel is Considering the contents, you could easily replace the need for you to purchase sanitary items directly on a monthly basis. This is also good value for money overall, with £40 worth of femcare and beauty products for a £11.99 (from depending on which subscription) per month payment.

Wanna give it a go for yourself?

Pink Parcel kindly sent a code for us to use in order to get 20% off you first box: PP20


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  1. I signed up for my first box a couple of weeks ago and am looking forward to when it arrives!

    1. That is so exciting! I hope you lpve the contents. I’m guessing you’ll get the February one. Xxx

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