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I wanted to write about this palette I received recently with these two lovely lippies.

It is so interesting as I had just recently picked up the Bad Girl palette in Boots whilst looking at the January sales so I was really excited to gain two in the space of a week.

Besides having a great name for £8.99 the Enchanted Forest palette literally has forestry shades of pinks, greens and purples both matte and shimmer shades. There are a total of 12 shades to play with and the hand held size compact also has an applicator and mirror. I initially made a look using mainly the matte shades however the shimmers are gorgeous and all colours are highly pigmented.

Top line swatch: Glass Slipper, Beatrice, Perla, Fairy Godmother, Grand Duke, Drizella

Bottom line swatch: Pumpkin, Prince Charming, Happily Ever After, Anastasia, Daphne, Lady Tremaine

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I always do my makeup in the morning to test its staying power and the colours looked great all day I am pleased to say. I personally feel this palette can have looks for every skin tone and make every mood feel enchanted and magical. By far my favourite shades are Perla, Fairy Godmother, Grand Duke and Drizella as I think they are literally magical.

Here is a look I created using this palette;


If you see my insta feed you know I love nude lipstick so I knew me and the first lipstick shade would get along however “Name in lights” really surprised me.

I  have several dark purples like “Superstar” however “Name in Lights” looks nice for an everyday colour. It is semi-matte and so it isn’t as drying and it generally comfortable to wear compared to a fully matte lip shade. That said it isn’t as hard wearing as a completely matte lip shade so I would carry it in my hand bag to top up after eating.


Fancy trying these for yourself? You can pick up this up on Sleek’s website or from stockists.



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