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This post I wanted to talk to you about one thing I always use day-to-day and that is an aroma diffuser.

Creating a good room environment is key and if like me you have limited space to create this, then perhaps consider utilising another sense to achieve this. My mum would always say tidy desk equals a tidy mind especially when I generally sit at it most of the day. Sometimes I still found that my mind could get clouded by other things or just general daily tasks  when I am trying to focus on something. (tidy the bed, what to eat, how to set up my day.) When I did need that extra help to clear my head then I have found that I could create a great mood with a nice room fragrance.

I previously loved reed sticks however the only frustration is should I wish to change the scent in the evening in order to create a certain mood, then I have to have kept the lid, dry the reed sticks (which is a little messy at times). I also used the tea light burner which you can not leave unattended (because of the lit flame), but also when it gets to the bottom of the use it tends to burn my eyes unless I blow it out or refill it.

I was delighted to find an alternative which resolves both of these challenges, an electric aroma diffuser.


I recently purchased my aroma diffuser on-line for a great price however you can also purchase these in certain stores on the high street. What I love most is that it has a USB connection so not only can I plug it into the mains but also I can connect it to my laptop.

Essential oils

Finding essential oils in a store was not as straight forward as I initially thought. Body shop have a small selection of really great smelling mixed scents however I wanted to be able to create my own through combining my own choice of scents. After looking tirelessly I finally found that I could purchase these from Holland and Barrett. Not only did they have a huge range available but currently they are on sale. I also have tea tree which I purchased easily from the local drugs store as this is very refreshing in an aroma diffuser. A little goes a long way with these so although the bottles seem small, you only require a few drops in water in order for it to work as these are concentrated oil.


Since I have started mixing scents I have become addicted to trying out different combinations in order to find a perfect blend to match my mood. I have always had a deep love for cranberry in the Winter time however now we are entering Spring, I am loving citrus fragrances like grapefruit, tangerine and lime. Most evenings I love to use lemon grass with a few drops of ginger as this makes me feel calm and centred before trying to go to bed.

I’d love to know what your favourite fragrances are so I can try them out.

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  1. Sam (@Little_Fickle) says:

    I really like the diffuser and I love the idea of being able to swap scents when it suits me. I’ve never even thought about getting a diffuser but I might have to look into it!

    Sammy xo.

    1. Great! It has literally been my obsession since. Hope you find it just as good. xo

  2. That diffuser is very stylish! I’ve been using a candle with an oil burner but I hate the smell it makes when it runs out of the water so this sounds like a great alternative!

    1. Exactly what happened with me. I totally forgot to add but I literally got mine off eBay for like ten pounds.

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